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Indian Railways Kokrajhar station in Assam is now beautifully redeveloped! Pics here

Nikita Prasad
Korajhar station

Indian Railways Kokrajhar station is completely redeveloped with modern passenger-friendly facilities! The Kokrajhar railway station, located in the Northeastern state of Assam, falls under the Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) zone of Indian Railways. With the redevelopment and beautification program, the station now boasts of improved passenger services and a completely renovated infrastructure. A Northeast Frontier Railway official told Financial Express Online that the Kokrajhar railway station has been redeveloped for improving the station facade, platforms, circulating area and the interiors such as waiting rooms, VIP lounges, for the comfort and convenience of passengers. The redevelopment work has been done at a total cost of Rs 29 lakh.

Kokrajhar station completely redeveloped!

According to the NFR zone, the various important tasks which have been executed as part of the Kokrajhar station redevelopment plan are as follows:

  • The overall aesthetics of the Kokrajhar railway station have been improved with beautification work in the circulating area, front building and the interiors of the platform area. The beautification work showcases the local art and culture of the northeast region, themed with a cultural backdrop
  • The front building of the station has been adorned with sculptures depicting the history and culture of the tribal northeast.
  • A monumental national flag has been installed in the circulating area of the redeveloped station
  • Stainless steel benches have also been provided in the waiting area for passengers waiting at the station
  • The VIP lounge and waiting rooms of the station have been redeveloped for the comfort of passengers.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, the Dimapur station in Nagaland was also redeveloped with the introduction of new facilities for passengers and by upgrading the station infrastructure. The Dimapur station is the only railway station which serves the state of Nagaland. Facilities such as circulating area, waiting rooms, 'pay and use' toilets at the station were renovated for improving passenger services.