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What! Indian Railways generates more revenue by selling scrap than budget of 3 Northeast states together

Devanjana Nag

Indian Railways earns big by selling off scrap! The national transporter has managed to make a whopping amount of Rs 35,073 crore in 10 years just by selling off scrap, including wagons, coaches, and rail tracks. Interestingly, the amount is more than the annual budget of three Indian northeastern states put together, according to an IANS report. According to the report, the data collected by senior journalist and social activist Jitendra Surana, through Right To Information Act (RTI Act), showed that the amount earned by Indian Railways by selling off scrap was even greater than the budget of Manipur (Rs 13,000 crore), Mizoram (Rs 9,000 crore) and Sikkim (around Rs 7,000 crore) together for the financial year 2018-19.

According to the national transporter, the maximum profit of Rs 4,409 crore by selling scrap was earned in the financial year 2011-12. While the lowest income of Rs 2,718 crore was earned by Indian Railways in the fiscal year 2016-17. Among scrap, railway tracks were sold the most. The overall income of Indian Railways from selling rail tracks in 10 years stood at Rs 11,938 crore.

Earlier this year it was reported that the Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) zone of Indian Railways created a record by the sale of scrap. The NFR earned a sum of Rs 83.47 crore under its drive which was launched to make the zone free of scrap.

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The NFR claimed it to be one of the best achievements in recent years. During the fiscal year, two workshops located at Dibrugarh and New Bongaigaon as well as three diesel shades at Siliguri, New Guwahati and Malda Town generated a total of 96 coaches, 45 locomotives, 21,000 metric tons of engineering scrap, 1,100 metric tons of bridge girders along with 7,900 metric tons of ferrous as well as 902 metric tons of non-ferrous scrap, which were offered for sale.