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Indian Challenger First Look at EICMA 2019, New Brawny American Cruiser Motorcycle

The Challenger is the newest motorcycle from the stable American touring motorcycle manufacturer – Indian Motorcycles. After unveiling the bike in the U.S., Indian displayed the touring bike at the EICMA 2019, marking its global debut. The Indian Challenger gets the traditional touring motorcycle styling synonymous with American motorcycle, big size, lots of chrome and shiny paint job.

However unlike most of the previous bikes from the brand, the Indian Challenger is more aggressive and has an all-new front fairing mounted to the chassis. There are two storage areas inside the fairing and there’s a power adjustable windscreen. In fact, the headlight configuration gets an interesting design with one central round light and LEDs on either side.

Features wise, the Challenger will get hi-tech audio system, ride-by-wire technology and three riding modes. Talking about the engine, the Challenger gets an all-new 1.8 litre PowerPlus V Twin engine that produces 122 hp and 174 Nm. The engine is a 6 speed belt drive manual gearbox. There’s a whole new cast aluminum chassis using the engine as a load-bearing component.

The prices start at $21,999 which roughly translates to Rs 16 Lakh in the Indian currency without taxes. There will be three variants of the Challenger with cosmetic differences between the three. Whether or not all three variants come to India will be a thing to see.