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Indian Army places order for Israeli anti-tank Spike missiles with precision firepower to pierce bunkers!

Debjit Sinha
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Spike missile India: Indian Army places order for Israeli anti-tank Spike missiles! In a major move to bolster its arsenal and firepower against enemies, the Indian Army is buying Spike Missiles. The order was placed under emergency purchases in order to meet operational preparedness, as per a PTI report. This move came after the central government provided powers to three armed forces to make emergency purchases. The force can make purchases of Rs 300 crore under this provision. Following the daredevil Balakot Air Strike by Indian Air Force, Indian Army in April gave its nod to procure such missiles. Finally, the order was placed in the beginning of July.

Spike missile cost, deal with Israel and technical data

1. Israeli anti-tank Spike missiles from Israel are multi-platform, cutting-edge precise, multi-mission, and multi-range electro-optical missiles. These missiles have capabilities of fire, observe, update, fire-and-forget as well as allowing attack of hidden targets.

2. Israeli anti-tank Spike missiles are manufactured by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. These missiles are famous for precision targeting and have the ability to pierce bunkers.

3. Israeli anti-tank Spike missiles have the capability of targeting anything at a range of four kilometers. These can be deployed in both plains and mountains.

4. Israeli anti-tank Spike missiles can be fired from multiple platforms such as ground launchers, helicopters, vehicles, and ships. These Spike missiles can be deployed even along the Line of Control (LoC).

5. The placing of order took place after the three armed forces and senior officials of the Defence Ministry met Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and made presentations before him.

6. Indian Army is prioritizing the purchase of precision-guided kit for artillery ammunition.

7. At present, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Singapore, Portugal, South Korea, and Spain are using this Spike anti-tank guided missile.

8. Having Spike missile in arrmoury provides a cutting edge when one has confined spaces to launch it. Spike missiles have a soft launch capability.

9. Spike missiles have the lock-on ability prior to its launch. These are automatic self-guidance missiles and possess imaging infrared seeker. These missiles do provide a shield to the army men.

10. The salient feature of Anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) is that these are designed in a way to target and decimate heavily armoured vehicles along with enemy military tanks.