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India touches the sky: First country in the world to install solar panels on top of UN Building in NYC

Huma Siddiqui
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The United Nations (UN) Building is now powered with green energy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Gandhi Solar Park on Sept 24, symbolising India's fight against climate change.

According to an official, "It is India funded and implemented by the United Nations. India has given $ one million for the project and it the first country to do so to help make the UN building in New York City green."

Symbolising New Delhi's fight against Climate change, the United Nations building located in the heart of New York City went green when the Solar Park which was gifted by India got operationalized.

There are 193 panels, representing each member country of the UN and it generates 50 kilowatts of electricity.

Besides the Solar Park, India also donated another environmental gift — a Gandhi Peace Garden made up of 150 trees, which is located at a university campus in Old Westbury.

These two gifts from India are part of the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth centenary. And, "To highlight the elements needed to fight the climate change — generation of green energy from renewable resources. And using trees to sequester (or capture back from the environment) carbon emissions that contribute to global warming," explained a senior officer.

India's gifts are in line with critical session on the sidelines of the UNGA on fight against climate change. This was addressed by Modi and other world leaders including Secretary-General Antonio Guterres who has called it a "battle for our lives".

Know more about the Solar Park:

Location: Roof of the Conference Building & GA Neck

Description: Solar panels (PV) and Green Roof (GR)

Photo Voltaic panels Quantity: 193 modules

System Size of each panel: 71.41kW

Projected annual system output: 86,244 kWh/year

Green Roof Area: 11,000 sq.ft.

Annual output from the panels: 86,244 kWh/year… equals to Co2 emissions from 30,246 Kg of coal burned

Equals Carbon Sequestered from 1008 Tree seedlings grown for 10 years