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Hyundai Kona Electric Beats World Record, Becomes First Electric SUV to Reach 5,731 Meters Altitude

Hyundai Motor India Ltd has made it to the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS. Hyundai Kona Electric is first fully Made-in-India Electric SUV driven to an altitude of 5,731 meters to Sawula Pass in Tibet breaking the previous record of 5,715.28 meters altitude by an electric car.

During the expedition, the EV had to tackle harsh weather conditions like low temperatures, continuous snowfall and icy tarmacs. The Electronic Stability Control (ESC) in Kona Electric ensured the stability of vehicle handling in all road conditions. Technology and Performance hand-in-hand made this Green car a true performer and record-making First Electric Vehicle to reach the highest altitude.

During the entire drive duration, the Kona Electric was charged through the convenient portable chargers. The car was charged overnight with the standard portable charger provided along with the vehicle. No performance issues were found while climbing the peaks. While descending from peaks, the smart power regeneration system in the vehicle complimented the driving range.

The Hyundai Kona gets a 39.2 kWh battery that makes the equivalent of 136 PS of power and 395 NM of torque. As per Hyundai, the battery can be charged up from 0-100 per cent through the complimentary wall-mounted AC charger that you get with the car in about 6 hours of time and can charge a range of 50 km in one hour. You also get a portable charger that can be plugged into any regular power socket that gives a range of 50 km in three hours and takes 19 hours to charge the battery completely. And finally, there is the DC fast charger that will be placed at Hyundai showrooms and select fuel pumps that can charge the car from 0-100 per cent in just an hour.