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This Hummer H2 With 86 Speakers is the World's Loudest SUV Ever - Watch Video

The palm-sized automotive community around the world houses a truly spectacular vista of tastes and interests. At a time when automakers are raging the battle for bhp, a few instances truly prove what the underlying ethos of our community encompasses. A good example for the same would be this Hummer H2 that we will be talking about today.

In an episode of Ridiculous Rides presented by Barcroft Cars on YouTube, the Hummer made a jaw-dropping appearance with no less than 86 speakers. The man in question, the brainchild behind this creation is Rafael Capone, the person who dubbed the creation Soul Asylum after his Atlanta-based recording studio of the same name. Needless to say, that guy knows a thing or two about music. And for the ones who could not guess, the H2 serves as something of a mobile studio to promote his business (talk about brilliant ideas).

At the outset, allow us to break it to you that it isn’t just a bunch of speakers with some amps for power. Speaking of which, this H2 blasts with 11 amps and uses a studio-grade mixer to blend everything together. It would startle one to know that the car uses 4.8 km of copper wire connect everything. The SUV runs three alternators and seven batteries!

To top it all, the H2 also boasts plenty of colourful LED lights, of course, because it’s a rolling party. Apart from that, the SUV gets a bunch of screens inside with an iPad on the centre of the dash, which comes out to reveal the radio behind it.