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Huawei trolls Apple, gifts iPhone buyers free power banks

Shubham Sharma

Huawei trolls Apple, gifts iPhone buyers free power banks

22 Sep 2018: Huawei trolls Apple, gifts iPhone buyers free power banks

No matter how expensive or un-innovative they are, iPhones still have that charm. Every year, thousands of people turn up and wait in long queues to grab the device's latest variants.

The same happened this year, but it wasn't just Apple reaping the benefits.

Just hours before the sale, Huawei mocked Apple by gifting free power banks to buyers waiting outside its stores.

Battery life: Dig at battery life; Well played, Huawei

Ahead of iPhone sale day, fans often camp out overnight in front of the Apple stores. Huawei seized this opportunity to highlight battery differences between its own phones and the new iPhones.

In Singapore, company representatives approached people waiting in the queue and handed out several 10,000mAh power banks. The box read, "Here's a power bank. You'll need it. Courtesy of Huawei."

Next-level marketing: Stunts pulled in London, Amsterdam too

In Amsterdam, the company placed a fancy charging point couch outside Apple's store with a billboard saying, ''If the wait is longer than your battery life...charge it here!"

Meanwhile, those waiting outside Apple's London store were treated with juice from Huawei. A 'Ju%ce van' drove around the store and served iPhone buyers drinks 'with no traces of Apple' as well as charging points.

Fact: Here is Huawei's 'ju%ce van'

Troll attack: Not the first instance of Apple being trolled

Though Huawei's move is a nice way of attracting customers, this isn't the first dig against Apple. In the past, the company's battery offering has been trolled through several adverts, with most from Samsung.

Notably, this year's iPhone Xs Max features 3,174mAh battery. It is said to last longer than iPhone X, but is still weaker than Galaxy Note 9's 4,000mAh battery.

Details: Flak from Huawei phone users

However, it is also worth noting that the stunt pulled off by Huawei has drawn flak from its existing customers.

Many Huawei phone users expressed their disappointment over how they 'get nothing', but iPhones buyers get a $70 worth power bank.

Huawei's future sales chart will describe if the move really backfired, but for now, it leads the game with a bigger market share.