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Huami Develops Self-Disinfecting Mask To Fight Coronavirus And Pollution

Sandeep Sarkar

Huami, the brand known for its smart wearables, has joined in the race to fight the COVID-19 spread by developing a technologically-advanced mask. We have seen Xiaomi and some other brands introducing anti-pollution masks for a healthier lifestyle. Now, Huami is getting ready to up the game by bringing a protective mask designed to save the public against the deadly coronavirus.

As per a report via TechCrunch, Huami is working on a transparent face mask which will be made out of plastic. The see-through mask is dubbed Aeri and said to pack built-in ultraviolet lights. The UV light will disinfect the filters barring the need for changing them on a regular basis.

In order to continue with the self-disinfection, the mask will be needed to be connected to a power supply via a USB port. Once powered-on, the UV light will disinfect the filters (inside) within 10 minutes. It is worth mentioning that the outside of the mask would require manual cleaning.

The report further suggests that Aeri will be equipped with removable filters which will be at par with the current N95 filters. The mask has been designed in such a way that it will make it more breathable than the currently available ones.

Also, it is still a concept and could a long way from the actual production bay. But, if the reports are to be believed, then this mask could come with a month and a half extra life than the standard N95 or surgical masks.

As of now, there is no confirmation as to when Huami will begin the production of this mask. However, the company is said to be under the process of getting a prototype for the Aeri mask.

Also, no expected pricing has been quoted as of now. But, Huami aims at making the Aeri mask available to the masses to not just protect against the coronavirus, but also from day-to-day pollution.

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