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How to get FastTag

Sudhakar G
·2-min read

The Road Transport and Highways Minister, Nitin Gadkari announced in 2020 that FastTags will become imperative for all private and commercial vehicles from January 15th. Automobiles and vehicles without FastTags are required to now pay up double the usual rate at toll gates all over the country.

What are FastTags?

They are prepaid rechargeable tags that allow automated payment deduction at tolls. They are usually secured on the vehicle windscreen. With a FastTag’s assistance, you won’t have to stop your automobile at toll points to pay the charges. When the vehicle crosses the toll location, the toll charges/fees will be debited from the prepaid wallet/bank account connected to the FastTag secured on the windscreen of the vehicle.

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How to Obtain FastTag?

Purchasing and activating FastTag is now easier than ever. 22 certified banks provide them via several channels like designated bank branches and POS or Point-of-Sale at toll plazas on the National Highway. They can also be accessed on e-commerce websites like Amazon.

FastTag supplied by certified banks is priced at Rs. 100 for each tag as decided by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). The verified tag issuing fees are fixed by the bank and may differ from bank to bank. This difference can be viewed on each particular bank’s website.

What happens if I don’t have a car, bike insurance and meet with an accident?

The charges are variable if the tags are purchased online as the seller includes the cost of delivery. The eCommerce platform Amazon has a 20% commission fixed to the cost; so it is more than the normal rate when shopping online.

According to the Indian Highway Management Company Limited or IHMCL, if you live within a 10 km range from the toll plaza, you can get a concession on toll charges/fees paid through your FastTag. In this instance, you have to furnish the necessary documents— residence proof at the bank, nearby POS location to authenticate that your address of residence is within 10 km of a certain toll location or plaza. When the address is confirmed, you can use a concession on the toll fee paid through FastTag allocated to your vehicle. If you already have FastTag linked to your bank account, it is not required to upload money in a prepaid wallet separately.

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