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How to ace your first job interview?

Raktim Sharma
·2-min read

A first time for anything can be difficult. If it is a job interview, the anxiety and expectation can leave you a bit unnerved. But you have to remind yourself that job interviews happen all the time, and you can put the best foot forward by staying calm and composed.

Do some research

It is expected that you would know about the company you are applying to. Do some research to find out about the company, its business, initiatives, and even history. Understand more about the job opening and what kind of roles and responsibilities it involves. Identify the skills that help you convince the interviewer that you are a good fit for the job.


Conduct a few sessions of mock interviews yourself. Do a dress rehearsal, complete with the interview attire. Work on your demeanour and prepare thoroughly as if you are appearing for the actual interview. Ask your friends and family to interview you and take their opinions and feedback on your performance. This preparation will make you more comfortable during the actual interview.

Heading out for the interview

Dressing in perfect attire will boost your confidence. Don’t experiment with your dressing, and make sure that you are comfortable in what you are wearing. Carry your resume and documents that have been specified and/or you deem to be important. Always make sure that you have a mode of transport to the interview venue and that you at least reach on time, if not a few minutes earlier.

Be in control of the situation

During the interview, take your attention off of yourself and focus on the interview. Since it is your first job, the interviewer can judge you only on your present performance. While answering questions, try to bring in the company and the job opening into your replies.

On the mental front, try to keep your thoughts settled at all times. As it is your first interview, the interviewer would not expect a lot from you. In other words, keeping the basics right can be a big boost to your chances of getting the job. If you fumble or get confused, take a second or two to gather your thoughts and weave out a better reply.

We agree that there would be a few butterflies in your stomach in your first interview. However, with a happy and smiling face and a confident performance, you can surely certainly get a positive outcome from it.

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