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How streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime use tricks to get you to watch more

·3-min read
İstanbul, Turkey - July 1 2018: Woman using tablet computer and looking an online streaming platform. The tablet pc is an iPad Air 2, developed by Apple Inc.
İstanbul, Turkey - July 1 2018: Woman using tablet computer and looking an online streaming platform. The tablet pc is an iPad Air 2, developed by Apple Inc.

Streaming and OTT platforms have become very popular lately because the amount of time people are spending locked up at home has gone up, thanks to the pandemic. More and more people are browsing through various streaming platforms looking for things to watch. A number of OTT platforms have hit the ball out of the park when it comes to gaining subscribers.

There are several tricks that streaming platforms employ to keep their viewership intact and the numbers growing. Tough competition among these platforms means that they are always on the lookout to obtain an edge over the next best one. Here are a few tricks they employ:

Unparalleled audio and video experience

Streaming platforms understand that the viewer today quickly loses interest if the video is blurry, takes a long time to buffer, or the audio is unbalanced. This is because there are so many options to choose from. Most OTT platforms employ the best video providers for an unparalleled viewing experience. This means most of them have an HD viewing option and a Dolby sound.

A free start

Many OTT platforms have a package of free viewing options that will not cost the viewer anything. This trick is best employed when they have a brilliant original series on their hands. They keep the first couple of episodes free, and then the viewer will have to pay an annual or monthly subscription fee to continue. Many subscribers end up paying because they get hooked to the content, and the question of “what’s next” keeps them at it.

A customised experience

Most OTT platforms will gather viewers’ preferences based on their viewing history and personalise the content they love to watch. When a viewer starts streaming, the customisation provides a steady flow of content flowing one after the other in the form of suggestions. This makes the experience a long-lasting one, keeping them loyal to the platform they are streaming from.

Original content

What started with Netflix has slowly become the norm for most other streaming devices. Original content gives the viewers a feeling of exclusivity. More importantly, these originals have a lot of thought put into the content that keeps a particular demography hooked to them.

Engagement via social media

The best place for advertising today is social media. Based on a person’s browsing history, most OTT platforms use analytics to figure out what they like and throw in suggestions in the form of ads, which is sure to attract an individual’s attention. They also try to stay on top of the search engine optimization game so that theirs is the first option that users click.

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