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How do influencers make money on Instagram?

·2-min read

An influencer is a person who has a large, and often loyal, social media following. They are in a position to use this mass reach to influence followers and earn money by associating themselves with brand promotion activities. Although Instagram influencers are the most widely spoken of, they may be users of any other social media platforms as well. If you are an Instagram influencer with a million followers, posting a picture in a Gucci dress can influence the followers to buy the same brand. Guess what? Brands know this, and many are willing to pay you to post such images!

Here is how you can earn money on Instagram


  • If you are an influencer, decide on a rate that you think is appropriate for a profile with your number of followers. Brands are proactive in finding an influencer, and you are likely to be approached by one rather than the other way around.

  • Stick to brands that suit your profile and persona. Endorsing just about anything may dilute your image in the eyes of your followers. Be open about your association with the brand. Nearly 70% of influencers agree that followers didn’t judge them based on their brand association.


  • As an influencer, you can earn through sponsored posts. You can command a fee for the sponsored posts because your posts reach out to all of your followers. If you have a business account on Instagram, you can authenticate your audience and traffic statistics through Instagram Analytics. There are influencer marketplaces where you can explore potential brands.

  • An affiliate earns commission income through affiliate programs. Traceable links and promo codes are used to track your influence as an affiliate on the sales.

  • You need not necessarily restrict yourself to sponsoring or associating with other brands. You can monetise the product or service through which you amassed your followers. If you are a performer, you can advertise your availability for performances and earn. If you are a photographer or a sculptor, you can display your services and products for sale. You can even open an online store and start selling.

The opportunities on Instagram are endless if you have a commanding presence on the platform. We hope that by following these steps, you turn into the next Instagram influencer!

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