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Honda may bring latest motoscooter to India

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Honda may bring latest motoscooter to India

The Honda X-ADV is a moto-scooter which can be ridden both on and off the road.

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters Limited (HMSI) had already confirmed launching an all-new two-wheeler in India. There have been numerous speculations on whether it will be a premium offering or something which will be offered for the commuter space. Now in a new development, HMSI has patented the X-ADV in India, according to a new report from Rushlane. The Honda X-ADV is a moto-scooter which can be ridden both on and off the road. The moto scooter made its debut at the 2016 EICMA show.

The X-ADV motoscooter has been designed by Honda's Italian R&D department. The styling looks rugged with a decent amount of ground clearance as well. The console gets a 5-step adjustable screen above the front windshield to protect the rider from wind-blasts. Yes, the rider may face wind-blasts considering it has got a 745cc engine.

Speaking of engines, the X-ADV gets a 745cc engine, of course, which produces 53.6ps and is mated to Honda's DCT automatic transmission. There are two riding modes D and S.

Patenting a design is a widespread procedure carried out by various manufacturers and designers. The patent confers a right or title for a set period to a particular entity, a sole right to exclude others in the same business from making, using, or selling an invention. In layman terms, the design or other elements of a particular model cannot be replicated by other manufacturers. But this does not mean that the particular product which has been patented will be launched in the country as well.

However, coming to the Honda X-ADV, if HMSI does bring it in India, the price will be around the Rs 8-10 lakh bracket, ex-showroom. A scooter to buy for that amount, who's willing?