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Here's How to Locate the Nearest Electric Vehicle Charging Station in India

The Hyundai Kona has grounded its flag as the first all-electric SUV in the Indian market. The launch comes a few days after the 2019 Budget which let plenty of room for the expansion of EVs in the country. The Hyundai Kona disrupted the same market with its numbers alone. The road-going guise is expected to return an acclaimed 452km of range in a single charge. Additionally, the company is also providing two chargers to the customers, putting a major worry of most EV buyers to bed. At a price of Rs 25.30 lakh, the Kona is currently inducted into the market with no immediate rivals whatsoever.

Leaving no stones unturned, Hyundai has managed to tick all the boxes in terms of practicality. To easily find a compatible charging station for the Kona, Hyundai has partnered with MapMyIndia which shows nearby charging stations that are compatible with the car. In addition to the ones that are compatible with the new Hyundai Kona, MapMyIndia also provides with the location of the nearest EV charging stations in all the major cities. We checked out the map to have a brief idea of the number of charging stations around Delhi and were not disappointed with the results. There are nearly 10 charging station around Connaught place in New Delhi.

Hyundai Kona Electric. (Image: Manav Sinha/

Hyundai Kona Electric. (Image: Manav Sinha/

At the moment, a majority of the electric charging stations in Delhi are dominated by EESL which will soon see inclusions from companies such as EVI technologies which plans to invest around Rs 100 crore in the next one and a half years to set up 20,000 charging stations across the country. With a green light from the Indian Government, the surge of electric cars is inevitable. And before we know it the Kona will be competing in the Indian market with plenty of players to make the competition interesting.