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All hail the chief

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All hail the chief

Dalton is popular for being a man of infinite action, a leader who swiftly gathers his cabinet and immediately takes decisive actions.

Adam Secretary, an American Political drama series created by Barbara Hall started its first season in 2014 with 22 episodes. Last April the series was renewed for a fifth season, which airs on AXN every Tuesday. With many talented actors making the show an easy success, one can't miss the much loved President Conrad Dalton, played by Keith Carradine.

Dalton is popular for being a man of infinite action, a leader who swiftly gathers his cabinet and immediately takes decisive actions. Recalling Season 4, it was full of twists and turns where Dalton made some risky choices which interestingly included firing a nuclear missile at Russia.

In a major twist, we come to know his actions were due to a brain tumour he was suffering from. Would season 5 be just as intriguing, we queried. I would dare to say season 5 of Madam Secretary is going to be even more intriguing than ever before, Carradine told Mail Today without giving much away.

The world has changed a lot since 2014. Being a political drama, the first season was shot when President Obama was in power in the US. And the current season is in the middle of Donald Trump's presidency. No matter whoever is in the White House, President Dalton would always be a constant.

Asked if he would be seen more or less given his medical condition than the previous seasons, Carradine said, Dalton's presence will continue to be felt in the new series too. It all depends on where Barbara Hall and the writing team decide to take the audience. Apart from playing Dalton in Madam Secretary, Carradine has essayed iconic characters such as Tom Frank in Nashville, Wild Bill Hickok in Deadwood, Frank Lundy in Dexter, to name a few.

So which of all the characters has been the most memorable or challenging? Every character had its own give and take, he explained. Hickok was certainly a rich gift of a character. Lundy seems to have grown somewhat iconic as time passed. Tom Frank let me play my music. Dalton gives me the chance to remind the public what decency and integrity look like in this era of the coarsening of our public discourse.

For Carradine three factors attract him to take up a film or series he has been offered. First of all, it is the filmmaker who has to be well established. Then he says the script should be powerful to knock off the audience and, lastly, the challenge which the offered role presents or the cast he would be working with should excite him. It does, however, start with the writing for me.

Although a great filmmaker can to some degree, transcend a weaker screenplay, he added. Carradine is also expected to revisit Big Bang Theory's last season where he plays Wyatt, the father of wacky Penny. Does the wackiness run in the family? Wyatt is not wacky. The humour in playing him comes from his middle-American normalness', coming up against the wackiness of Penny and her friends.

The actor comes from an illustrious film family but has made his own space in cinema and television. Neither being one of such famed siblings pressure his performance. The secret of his success, he said, is having accepted at the beginning of my professional life that I could never compete with my father or my brothers. I could only be myself and strive to do my own best work.