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Hackers Of Iran Plan For Backdoor Entries In Companies, Across The Globe

Kunwar Kunal

Hacking isn't a new thing, as we have our ears hammered with scamming news, every now and then. Hackers, these days, have become too dangerous as they can potentially corrupt any renowned company's privacy or damage a highly influential person, with way more sophisticated malware.

We are already quite aware of Jeff Bezos's latest hacking news, that shook the world. And, yet again we have sensational scamming news. This time it is Iranian hackers who have been planning for backdoor entries in companies, across the globe.

A report claims that these hackers are backed by the Iranian government. It's been over a year that these scammers are indulged in corrupting VPN bugs, just to get through certain companies via a backdoor. The targeted firms in particulars include IT, Oil, Gas, Aviation, Government sector, Security, and Telecommunication.

The report further says that these hackers must and should not be less entertained than hackers from Russia, China, and North Korea. They are so potentially advanced that they can exploit VPN bugs within quick hours. The aim behind these cyberattacks constitutes the desire of Iran to get through confidential data of companies, and eventually steal them. The hacking has been reported as taking place in two stages. Stage 1 involves the damage caused to the VPNs, while stage 2 includes detailed tools and techniques that allow them to steal away the data.

It is not the first time Iran is involved in hacking. Earlier, these hackers had an access on Windows systems through the "Sticky Keys" accessibility tool.

It must be known that Iran has been cut off from all different ties and trades from other countries, due to sanctions imposed by the U.S.A. And, the sanctions on the country increased more, due to Iran's recent attacks on the U.S.A. and Ukraine International flight 752. After facing extreme exile conditions, Iran could have been motivated to revive its economy either by stealing data from companies around the world or might be on a loose end for the cyberattack, to economically destabilize a few countries especially the U.S.

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