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A guide to using tarot cards to analyse your love life

Kerry Ward
·6-min read

From Cosmopolitan

Every star sign is represented by a different tarot card, kinda like an alter ego of that sign, and if you know yours and your partners’ signs, you can use your tarot alter egos to analyse your relationship dynamic on another level with a love tarot reading.

For instance, Gigi Hadid (Taurus) and Zayn Malik (Capricorn) are a combination of The Hierophant and The Devil. They form a contemporary version of a 'traditional' dynamic, prioritising family, hard work and faith. If Zayn's Devil leads him towards paths of least resistance, Gigi's Hierophant gently reinforces the values they've built their love upon.

Beyonce (Virgo) and Jay Z (Sagittarius) are a combination of The Hermit and Temperance. Work IS life here, this is a creative (and volatile, sparky) partnership. The sands shift rapidly and frequently here, because both are natural leaders and want to, well, lead. However, the pendulum always returns to the centre (even if the centre moves around). They ebb and flow.

Photo credit: Kerry Ward/The Good Karma Tarot
Photo credit: Kerry Ward/The Good Karma Tarot

Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin (both Gemini) are a double whammy of The Lovers. They are both creative, passionate self-starters, who love to initiate new activities and projects. So, as new partners, they’ll be full of ideas about where to take this fresh romance. The Lovers, however, is also about conflicted feelings and a sense of struggling to settle down, so both like (need) their space, and subconsciously feel they have more options. They are perhaps too similar. Time will tell.

How a love tarot reading can analyse your relationship

Check out both your own and your partner’s signs below, and see what you make of how these two alter egos would get on IRL. Does it add a new lens to your understanding of your dynamic?

ARIES: The Emperor

The Emperor is about taking control, being in front, leading, bossing and marshalling other people to your own agenda. A born leader. The Emperor would need to be the ~alpha~ in a relationship, or at least feel their needs are fully and well met. Issues around dominance, bossiness or control may arise, but only in extremes. Usually, The Emperor leads well.

TAURUS: The Hierophant

The Hierophant is a character somewhere between heaven and earth, who can take higher powers and cerebral knowledge and transform it into something useful, practical and beautiful. This alludes to Taurus’s (secret) creative streak. It also points to authority, tradition, convention, and Taureans like to play safe, know where they stand, and take the more well-travelled routes in romance.

GEMINI: The Lovers

Many people think this card is all about romance, but it’s actually more complicated. People associated with this card are more complex than they initially appear (their charm is a veneer or a protection). The Lovers reflects divided feelings, head vs heart decisions, wandering eyes, and the ability (or curse?) to see both sides of everything and value multiple options. These people need variety, stimulus, and someone to ground them.

Photo credit: Kerry Ward/The Good Karma Tarot
Photo credit: Kerry Ward/The Good Karma Tarot

CANCER: The Chariot

The Chariot is a really dynamic, forceful, on-the-move card, and people might not automatically associate that energy with Cancer. What they don’t realise, though, is that Cancerians are a Cardinal sign, born at the start of a season (summer) and therefore blessed with innate powers of initiative, ambition and drive. Deep down, Cancers KNOW where they are headed in life, and woe betide anyone getting in your way.

LEO: Strength

There is usually a lion depicted on this tarot card which makes it an obvious match for Leo. On a more emotional level, though, it reflects their greatest gift: strength. They are not only outwardly brave and confident, but have enormous reserves of the ~softer~ shades of strength: compassion, resilience, empathy, protectiveness. This usually evolves over time, so younger Leos might not have all those shades, but it will come.

VIRGO: The Hermit

The Hermit relates to a task-master focus and serious outlook on life. It suggests this person takes themselves, and others, seriously, and expects certain standards and commitments. They are ultra-reliable, self-reliant and disciplined. Perhaps this also means they challenge others, setting a standard that is sometimes hard to reach, whilst they remain slightly always out of reach. It also suggests a need for alone-time and solitude.

Photo credit: Kerry Ward/The Good Karma Tarot
Photo credit: Kerry Ward/The Good Karma Tarot

LIBRA: Justice

Justice creates a preoccupation with fairness and equality. It matters that things are balanced and above-board, transparent and equal. These people love to weigh up their options, and analyse other people’s…, and they pride themselves on following an ethical pathway in life. They have a steel-trap mind for analysis and assessment, which can lead to self-protectiveness and defensiveness in relationships.


Death, in the tarot, represents transformation, life cycles, beginnings and endings, sex and regeneration - big stuff! It means the people associated with this card are wise, knowing, secretive, intense and probing. They want to know it all, and see everything, and the darker and scarier the better. There will be a relentless thirst for truth and authenticity here. Sometimes they can come off as brutal, because when it’s over for them, it’s all the way over. There is no in-between.


Temperance is about balance, moderation, finding a ~new normal~ when extreme circumstances have impacted. Temperance people can swing to extremes of behaviour that get them into hot water (freedom-seeking, saying whatever springs into their mind, working or playing too hard), but they will then rediscover their balance and correct their poise. You just have to let them go through the process (hard though it can be to watch).

Photo credit: Kerry Ward/The Good Karma Tarot
Photo credit: Kerry Ward/The Good Karma Tarot


The Devil card is linked to Saturn, which is Capricorn’s ruling planet, and therefore their totem card. The Devil reveals this sign’s commitment to success, self-discipline and self-reliance. The wisdom that we are all 100% free AND 100% accountable to live our lives as we decide. The Devil means these people may struggle with temptations and paths of least resistance, but they will overcome that and become an example of how to take ownership for the life you lead.


All Aquarians have a link to outer space and innovation. Their mind can travel far beyond the humdrum confines of planet earth’s concerns. The Star tarot card is about wishes, high hopes, dreams come true, and shows the boundless nature of their potential as a person. It can mean they sometimes feel out of reach, or like their concerns are on another (loftier) level. The trick here is getting these people’s feet back on the ground, so they can put their precious ideas into action.

PISCES: The Moon

Pisceans’ tarot connection to The Moon card represents their intuitive and imaginative nature, the latent psychic skills they possess (maybe without even realising). The Moon tarot card is all about mystery and illusion, what lies beneath the veneer of reality, the unseen. It means these people ~get~ what makes others tick, maybe knowing them better than they understand themselves sometimes. If you click with a Moon person you will feel like soul mates, and like they know you inside out (they do).

Kerry Ward AKA Tarotbella, our resident astrology and tarot writer, has created her own tarot deck 'The Good Karma Tarot'. The deck is aimed at beginners and those who are nervous about trying tarot themselves. It is easy, practical, inclusive and super-positive.


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