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Great step! Indian Railways to run 100% on electricity by 2024, become a net-zero emission network

Devanjana Nag

Massive modernization boost for Indian Railways! Piyush Goyal-chaired Indian Railways is eyeing full electrification of Indian Railways network across the country. Recently, at the India-Brazil Business Forum, the Railway Minister said that the country is embarking on rapid electrification of the railway network. By the year 2024, the Indian Railways’ network will be 100 per cent electrified, he further said. This means that the entire network of Indian Railways across the country will run on electricity by 2024. A few months ago, Goyal had said that the financial year 2013-14 saw rail electrification of 680 km, but in a massive improvement, the Modi government electrified 5,200 km of rail lines last year.

Interestingly, Indian Railways will be the first railway in the world, of this size and scale, to be operated on electricity, the minister said. Goyal recently also said that by the year 2030, the Railway Ministry plans to make the entire network of Indian Railways, a Net-Zero emission network. Thus, the national transporter will run on clean energy and clean power.

In the month of July 2019, Goyal had said that all broad gauge routes will be electrified in mission mode. The minister had said that nearly 1.27 per cent of the country’s total electricity consumption is consumed by the national transporter. He also revealed that for energy requirements, the national transporter requires 3 per cent of High-Speed Diesel (HSD) oil.

Previously, Goyal had said that the Railway Ministry is taking various energy-efficient steps to curb the carbon footprint. Indian Railways is implementing these measures as part of its aim to be an environment-friendly mode of transport. The Railway Ministry plans to electrify 100 per cent of Indian Railways’ broad gauge routes in mission mode, as a green mode of transport. During the financial year 2018-19, nearly 20.44 billion units of electricity and also 3.1 billion litres of HSD oil was consumed by Indian Railways for its energy requirement, Goyal said.