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Great news for flyers! SpiceJet launches 20 new domestic flights; check routes, fares & schedule

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SpiceJet has announced that it will add 20 new flights to its domestic fleet and will begin their operations from March 29,2020. The addition of flights is in line with providing non-stop services under the UDAN scheme. The new SpiceJet domestic flights are also aimed at enhancing regional connectivity and will include the routes of Varanasi-Patna and Amritsar-Patna as well. The company also said to operate 52 flights that will connect 12 cities under the regional connectivity scheme. The company claimed that it is the highest number of flights that are operated by an Indian airline under regional connectivity services (RCS).

The company has started operations between Hyderabad-Mangaluru, Guwahati-Patna, Mumbai-Aurangabad, Bengaluru-Jabalpur, and Patna-Varanasi in a bid to improve connectivity between big metros and small cities. The company is also adding more frequency to its Mumbai-Chennai, Mumbai-Bagdogra, Hyderabad-Mangaluru and Guwahati-Delhi routes. Shilpa Bhatia, Chief Commercial Officer at SpiceJet reiterated that the company's focus is strongly on enhancing the network and provide affordable trips while connecting the unconnected parts of India. The flights being introduced will be operational on a daily basis and a mix of Bombardier Q400 and Boeing 737-800 aircraft will be deployed on new routes.

SpiceJet new flights: Routes, timings & fares

SpiceJet is offering an all-inclusive promotional fare of Rs 2,211 on the flight from Guwahati to Patna. The fare is Rs 1,687 for the route of Patna to Guwahati. The fares are Rs 2257 for Hyderabad-Mangaluru; Rs 4780 for Amritsar-Patna; Rs 1517 for Mangaluru-Hyderabad; Rs 2147 for Bengaluru-Jabalpur; Rs 2474 for Jabalpur-Bengaluru; Rs 2711 for Varanasi-Patna; Rs 2665 for Patna-Varanasi; Rs 4736 for Patna-Amritsar; Rs 2567 for Mumbai-Aurangabad and Rs 2034 for Aurangabad-Mumbai routes.

1. Flight number SG-425 from Guwahati to Patna. Departure at 6:00am; arrival at 7:15 am
2. Flight number SG-426 from Patna to Guwahati. Departure at 8:20 pm; arrival at 9:30 pm
3. Flight number SG-1211 from Hyderabad to Mangaluru. Departure at 5:50 am; arrival at 7:20 am
4. Flight number SG-1212 from Mangaluru to Hyderabad. Departure at 7:40 am; arrival at 8:55 am
5. Flight number SG-1220 from Bengaluru to Jabalpur. Departure at 11:40 am; arrival at 2:15 pm
6. Flight number SG-1221 from Jabalpur to Bengaluru. Departure at 2:35 pm; arrival at 5:10 pm
7. Flight number SG-2752 from Varanasi to Patna. Departure at 4:45 pm; arrival at 5:35 pm
8. Flight number SG-2753 from Patna to Varanasi. Departure at 5:55 pm; arrival at 6:45 pm

9. Flight number SG-2753 from Patna to Varansai. Departure at 5:55 pm; arrival at 6:45 pm
10. Flight number SG-2758 from Amritsar to Patna. Departure at 8:50 am; arrival at 11:25 am
11. Flight number SG-2759 from Patna to Amritsar. Departure at 11:55 pm; arrival at 2:40 pm.
12. Flight number SG-153 from Mumbai to Aurangabad. Departure at 9:15 am; arrival at 10:20 am
13. Flight number SG-154 from Aurangabad to Mumbai. Departure at 10:50 am; arrival at 11:55 am.
14. Flight number SG-163 from Mumbai to Bagdogra. Departure at 12:35 pm; arrival at 3:25 pm
15. Flight number SG-168 from Bagdogra to Mumbai. Departure at 3:55 pm; arrival at 7:05 pm
16. Flight number SG-313 from Mumbai to Chennai. Departure at 9:25 am; arrival at 11:25 am.
17. Flight number SG-314 from Chennai to Mumbai. Departure at 12:00 noon; arrival at 2:00 pm
18. Flight number SG-1218 from Hyderabad to Mangaluru. Departure at 7:30 pm; arrival at 9:05 pm
19. Flight number SG-1219 from Mangaluru to Hyderabad. Departure at 9:25 pm; arrival at 10:55 pm
20. Flight number SG-8952 from Delhi to Guwahati. Departure at 7:40 pm; arrival at 10:10 pm.

SpiceJet had also inducted two Airbus A320 planes recently in its fleet. These planes have been wet-leased from Bulgarian carrier BH Air. According to the wet lease arrangement, the aircraft, and crew are provided along with its maintenance as well as insurance. After the latest induction, SpiceJet now boasts of 121 planes totally.