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Google ‘withdraws’ Android 11 teaser, fuels speculations of upcoming Developer Preview launch

FE Online
·2-min read

Thanks to a possible error or an unintended tease, the Android users have got an idea of Android 11, the updated version of the Google-developed operating system. According to a few unconfirmed media reports, Google is set to release the Developer Preview of the latest version of the Android operating system. The leaks have happened due to the Google page "Android Police" which introduced Android 11 to developers. However, Google took cognisance of the matter and took down the page but couldn't stop screenshots from spreading to Android geeks. The link that gave access to some of the details of the Android 11 has now been reverted and it has started to show the Developer Preview page of Android 10.

If the leaked details on the page are to be believed, the next version of Android will enable users with gen-next features such as folding displays. The report also claimed that Android 11 will provide better security to safeguard the users' data and privacy.

The leaks, however, failed to establish any new feature on offer from Google in its next version of Android but revealed the wider range of the upgrade one can expect from Android 11. Google has an update cycle that releases details of the upgrades every March and hence, the latest preview for the Android 11 should have reached its final stage. Google had released the preview of Android 10 in March last year and the rumours are floating that Android 11 preview too, will be released next month.

Rumours going around on social media also hint at the recently adopted 'Pigweed Operating system' by Google. However, there is no confirmation from Google on the same. Earlier, Google had ditched the concept of naming its Android version with a dessert by naming the Android 10 as 'Android Q.'