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Google Pixel Series Gets Better Assistant Integration, New Features Drop

Sharmishte Datti
·2-min read

Google Pixel phones have received the latest feature drop, bringing in a couple of new features. This time, Google has included better integrations with Google Assistant, Adaptive Battery, Bedtime feature for Google Clock, and a few safety enhancements. Here is the list of new features for Google Pixel phones.

Google Pixel With Better Integration With Assistant

Recently, the Google Pixel 4 series received the Google Recorder app, which eventually rolled out to other Pixel smartphones as well. The Google Recorder app has now been integrated with Google Assistant. Users can now command Assistant to start, stop, and search for recordings. Further, Google Docs has also been integrated with Assistant, allowing users to save transcripts to Docs directly.

Google Pixel Phones Get Adaptive Battery

Google's AI-powered Adaptive Battery aims to better understand users' Pixel phones over time and how various apps consume apps, suggesting power usage accordingly. As part of the new feature drop, the Adaptive Battery feature is about to run out and helps users conserve the juice. The feature can be enabled on the Google Pixel 2 series onwards by going to Settings > Battery > Adaptive Battery.

Google Pixel Phones Get Bedtime Feature

A Bedtime feature is available on iOS and now, it's come to the Google Pixel series. However, there's a huge difference between the two. The Bedtime feature on Google Clock plays calming sounds to help users fall asleep. Also, it provides info on sleep patterns, wake hours, apps used at night, and more. The Bedtime feature also gives a preview of the next day's events, allowing users to plan accordingly.

Google Pixel Enhances Personal Safety

The features drop on Google Pixel phones also includes a new 'Safety Check' feature. For personal safety, the user's near and dear ones are notified if they don't check-in to a certain place by a certain time. This type of customized check-ins is like alarms that can be set ahead of a long trip or even for morning runs. If the user fails to check-in the selected contacts will get a notification with the real-time location of the user.

These are a couple of interesting additions to the Pixel devices, especially with the Google Assistant integration and the Adaptive Battery. The Safety Check, while supportive, can also be misused as it provides the real-time location of the user.

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