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Google Phone May be Renamed as Google Call, New YouTube Ad Hints

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Google recently brought its Phone app to non-Pixel smartphones and changed the Play Store listing. Now, it seems like the Mountain View, California-based company is rebranding the Google Phone app, giving it a new name and logo. The Google Phone app will soon be known as Google Call. A new YouTube ad has said to have dropped hints about Google rebranding the Google Phone app to Google Call.

The YouTube ad for Google Phone app highlights a feature called 'reliable caller ID' and includes a screenshot of the feature. While the feature is available on the Google Phone app already. "Know who's calling," the feature's description said. While this did not show anything out of the ordinary, the top right corner of the screen showed a new logo which says "Google Call." The logo is a telephone receiver, in Google's default colours - Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green. This, it is being reported, could be the new name of the application as well as its new icon.

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Google Phone new logo. (Image Credit: Reddit)
Google Phone new logo. (Image Credit: Reddit)

Google Phone new logo. (Image Credit: Reddit)[/caption]

The new icon is not live anywhere. This comes at a time when Google has recently rebranded its whole family of Google Workspace apps and productivity tools. Google recently changed its G Suite family of productivity apps and tools to Google Workspace. The move was a great departure from some of Google's iconic logos like Gmail and Google Drive. All the new icons released by Google are designed in the company's four default colours.