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Google brings new features to ease shopping experience on Search

Google brings new features to ease the shopping experience on Google Search.

It's been quite some time since Google started to allow shopping on Search and today it announced new features to improve the user experience. The newly launched features include automatic updations of listings on Google My Business as well as local language support on the shopping experience.

Google My Business to find local stores

Google My Business allows any local retailer to create an online store and connect with shoppers searching for their products online. With the new feature, whenever the retailers post photos of their in-store products, these will automatically be surfaced as product listings on Search and in the Google Shopping tab.

Google says it is bringing 20,000 local businesses that are already on Google My Business into the Shopping experience, where products uploaded by these merchants will show up in the shopping experience. The feature is rolling out and expected to be available to shoppers in India early next year.

Google adds Google Translate to extend the shopping home page to nine Indian languages.

Language support for shopping on Google Search

Google says that over the next two to three years, about 500 million non-English speaking users are expected to be online in India. To serve this audience with a better shopping experience on Search, Google has announced support for Indian languages using Google Translate.

The product listings on the Shopping home page will now be available in several Indian languages, starting with Hindi. Google says that with the integration of Google My Business and Google Translate, users will find it easy to use Google for their shopping needs.