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Google Assistant adds over 50 kids games and activities

Jyotsna Pawar | IANS
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Google Assistant update brings new features for users and developers

AI-based voice assistants saw a major boost in the commercial market this year. We saw a new entrant with Samsung Bixby and also new smart speakers like Apple’s HomePod and the Essential Home. As the race continues, Google updates its Assistant with new features for users and developers as well. Google Assistant now has new ‘What’s New’ and ‘What’s Trending’ sections in the app directory. These sections will refresh from time to time so that it’s discovery is more widespread. Under these sections, different actions related to different apps according to your usage will appear. Google is also introducing autocomplete in the app directory’s search box. Now if you can’t remember the app’s name properly, there will be many suggestions

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Google is also adding in voice identification for children.

In a bid to keep children entertained, a bunch of new games and activities have been added to Google Assistant that would work on Android phones and Google Home smart speaker. The update, previewed earlier this month, includes “more than 50 new games, activities, and stories,” ranging from things like musical chairs and freeze tag to science trivia, Disney-themed games, and original kids’ tales, The Verge reported.

The kids can use these games on their own (and to sign up some new Gmail users seriously early). Google is also adding in voice identification for children.

According to Google, the Assistant was now better at recognising kids’ voices and like adults, it would be able to distinguish between them so that it can customise responses to each person. To do this, kids would need a Family Link account, which around Google accounts for kids under 13 that allow for parental supervision.