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Google's Phone app can now filter spam calls

Mudit Dube


15 Jul 2018: Google's Phone app can now filter spam calls

Google has updated its Phone app to add a feature that will detect spam calls and filter them out.

This means, every time you get one of those promotional calls, it's likely your phone will not ring and you won't even get notifications for such calls.

The feature called "Caller ID And Spam Protection" is available on Android Marshmallow 6.0 and above.

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Details: Here's how the Caller ID and Spam feature will work

Google will use its own data and data from its licensors to show relevant information when you receive or make a call - much like TrueCaller.

Further, the Phone app will warn you by turning your phone's screen red if it detects a spam call and you will receive a voicemail if the caller leaves a message.

Step by step: How to enable or disable this feature?

The feature is turned on by default, but you can toggle it off from within the Phone app settings.

Notably, users can also report spam calls under the app's 'Recents' sections.

Under 'Recents', you can report a call as spam if Google failed to detect it or block the number, should you want to.