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Going on a foreign trip? This is why Travel Insurance is a must

Priyadarshini Maji
You might not feel the need to get it now but a number of unexpected circumstances could arise prior to your trip where all your money from airfares to bookings and other arrangements could turn into bad debt.

While making your travel plans along with tickets, and hotel bookings come travel insurance. However, for travel insurance, most are not sure if they actually need it while booking a vacation. Generally, travel agents and travel booking websites warn us and suggest travel insurance for any vacation. You might not feel the need to get it now but a number of unexpected circumstances could arise prior to your trip where all your money from airfares to hotel bookings and other arrangements could turn into bad debt. Travel insurance then plays a role in getting your money back.

Travel insurance acts as a saving grace for people whose trips get canceled last minute or some other unexpected circumstance arises while on the trip. For instance, you become severely ill and are unable to travel, or you lose your luggage at the airport or even if the airline goes out of business a week before your trip. In these circumstances, when your travel plans are not carried out as intended, travel insurance ensures that your money is refunded. While on vacation, there are a number of situations where travel insurance can help you out. Experts suggest frequent travelers can also consider long term travel insurance policy. Various travel insurance providers offer year-long insurance policies. Rather than buying travel insurance every time you travel, a long term plan benefits frequent travelers with constant coverage.

If you are also planning for a vacation, find out how travel insurance covers you;

– Emergency medical evacuation
While on a trip if you fall severely ill and need immediate medical attention, having travel insurance helps. You can arrange safe transportation to a medical facility, with medical evacuation coverage. On foreign lands, medical evacuations generally cost a lot of money, but with travel insurance, it won t burn a hole in your pocket.

Unlike a medical insurance plan, that does not cover medical expenses in some countries or are not accepted in other countries, travel insurance provides cover in any medical situation that might arise.

– Terrorist attack
If you ve planned an excursion to a place where weeks before you leave a terrorist act suddenly breaks out and you have to cancel your tickets, the airline will not provide you with a refund if you do not travel to the area because of terrorism. However, if you have travel insurance with terrorism coverage, you can cancel your trip without losing your money.

– Cancellation of Flight
There are a number of reasons why you might need to cancel a flight or the airline cancels it. For instance, in case of inclement weather conditions, closing of the airline, or other factors that can not be controlled. In such cases, some flights are not rescheduled and refunds are not given. By ensuring your ticket with travel insurance you receive your money back no matter what the reason is.

– Loss of luggage
Ever lost your luggage? It is an often occurrence. Though some airlines find and return the missing baggage sometimes the luggage is never found. Having travel insurance in place refunds the insured for whatever items are lost or stolen. The refund amount, however, is set in advance, while buying the travel insurance. For instance, for domestic travel, the baggage loss amount is set till Rs. 10,000, hence, if you lose your luggage, the insurance company will pay you up to that amount.

– Miss your connecting flight
In case you miss your connecting flight, a travel insurance plan with this coverage will help you take another flight. However, there are not many insurers currently offering this benefit. In case you miss out on a connecting flight, this will not only help you arrange but also pay for those travel changes.