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Giampaolo Ienna is an Entrepreneur Achieving the Impossible in Life

·2-min read

Giampaolo Ienna, most recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit, has made a name for himself connecting with a vast roster of clients on a personal level as he helps them find their homes.

Originally from Palermo, Italy, Giampaolo has now lived in Manhattan for the past 11 years. However, his resume wasn’t always in real estate. Prior to this he dabbled in music and hospitality; building his A-list rolodex and supporting a unique approach to business. But it doesn’t end there for him. As a true entrepreneur, Giampaolo has his hand in several business ventures such as construction and tech industries, as well as helping build panels that help empower like-minded individuals wanting to learn about the entrepreneurship world.

His success, other than having a spirit that keeps pushing forward, is being human. Being humble and maintaining grounded behavior allows to become relatable, approachable and allow success to continue to build. More importantly, “it’s important to listen to what your clients are looking for” notes Giampaolo. “It’s never about what you think they will like, but instead listening to deliver what they actually want.” It only takes him a few hours to build a connection with his clients but the impression left is surely to last a lifetime.

Before going to Elegran (Giampaolo’s current company), Giampaolo worked at several real estate agencies. The initial inspiration came from his family, who has been in the real estate and development business in Italy since the 1950s; making this the family business if you will.

Prior to Real-Estate, having worked in the hospitality business for the past 10 years, Giampaolo has had the opportunity to become friends with many high-profile individuals and help them find their dream NYC homes. He has closed deals for various celebrities including Lindsay Lohan, Jonathan Cheban, Joseph Sikora, and Lisa Ann. Motivated and driven, Giampaolo has sold homes all over the city, from the Financial District to Hudson Yards and also the million dollars homes in Hamptons; where he has been dedicating much of his time now.

“For me everyone is equal, and I respect every human being, be it a customer, a celebrity client or an employee”, Giampaolo has said. “It’s all about building trust among people to create a positive culture and mean it.” Building relationships is extremely important for Ienna as his entire business depends on it.

This is just the beginning for Giampaolo, as he continues to build his empire – making is clear that with him, anything is possible.

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