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Fortnite is not coming back on iOS any time soon

Shubham Sharma
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Fortnite is not coming back on iOS any time soon
Fortnite is not coming back on iOS any time soon

11 Oct 2020: Fortnite is not coming back on iOS any time soon

If you were hoping to see Epic Games' Fortnite return to the Apple App Store, be warned that it is not going to happen any time soon.

A US District Judge has refused to grant the gaming company a preliminary injunction that would have forced Apple to reinstate the hit title on the App Store in its current form.

Here's more about it.

Fortnite: Injunction denied for Fortnite

In the hearing, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled against Epic Games' request for an injunction to get Fortnite reinstated.

Rogers said she has "empathy for Fortnite players regarding the continued unavailability of the game on the iOS platform...However, there is [a] significant public interest in requiring parties to adhere to their contractual agreements or in resolving business disputes through the normal course."

Unreal Engine: Injunction allowed for Unreal Engine

Despite denying injunction for Fortnite, the judge stood by her earlier decision and ruled in favor of an injunction that keeps Apple from taking any action against Epic's developer accounts or Unreal Engine, which is also used by several third-party titles.

She implied that allowing Apple to block the 3D gaming engine would have caused great damage to other developers using the tool.

Fact: Here's what the judge said over Unreal Engine

"Epic Games and Apple are at liberty to litigate this action for the future of the digital frontier, but their dispute should not create havoc to bystanders (other developers). Thus, the public interest weighs overwhelmingly in favor of Unreal Engine and the Epic Affiliates."

Trial: Trial won't take place until next year

This decision means Epic will continue to face restrictions over publishing on iOS and bringing back Fortnite, but its developer tools and broader business will not be affected.

The Fortnite restriction could be removed only in two cases: either Epic wins the trial over App Store practices, scheduled for next year, or it removes its own in-app payment mechanism that started the whole case.

Response: Will pursue all avenues to end Apple's anti-competitive practices: Epic

Following the ruling, an Epic Games' spokesperson said, "Epic Games is grateful that Apple will continue to be barred from retaliating against Unreal Engine and our game development customers as the litigation continues."

They added, "We will continue to develop for iOS and Mac under the court's protection and we will pursue all avenues to end Apple's anti-competitive behavior."

Apple's comment: Apple also echoed a positive tone from the partial win

On its part, Apple said, "Our customers depend on the App Store being a safe and trusted place where all developers follow the same set of rules."

"The court recognized that Epic's actions were not in the best interests of its own customers and that any problems they may have encountered were of their own making when they breached their agreement," the company added.