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Is Ford exiting India? All answered here

Ford Mahindra

There has been speculation that Ford is exiting India. Here we try to answer all the queries from what we know so far.

Is Ford exiting India?

No. Ford is not exiting India and currently has no plans to do so. Ford will stay very much in India but in future, possibly, through expanding its partnership with Mahindra. Ford is not going out. Rest assured.

Ok, so what is this Mahindra Ford deal about?

While there has been no official report on a possible joint venture between the two, originally Ford and Mahindra signed an MOU (non binding) to develop a compact car , a midsize SUV and electric cars. From this,  we can infer that a possible New Gen EcoSport and a Creta rival could be on the cards. The midsize SUV would be built on a Mahindra platform and sold independently.

Ford will also co-develop a compact SUV and Mahindra would work on and provide BS6-ready petrol engines to Ford. Both will develop connectivity solutions including the joint development of a telematics control unit. Once developed, the connected vehicle solution will be used across both Mahindra and Ford vehicles.

Further, Mahindra is likely to get support from Ford in global markets, including from Ford’s manufacturing and distribution network. Also likewise Ford will benefit from Mahindra’s wide dealership network reach in India.

I own a Ford car, should I be worried?

No, Ford is not exiting India so if you own a Ford car there is no need to worry.

I am considering a Ford car, should I go ahead?

Yes, its current models like the EcoSport etc will of course remain and if you are concerned regarding the future of the company or service/spares- again Ford is very much staying here and in future will launch new products with Mahindra as its partner.

Is it good news for Ford in India?

Again what is out there is speculation currently but if the news of the JV between Ford and Mahindra turns out to be true, it would imply that Ford is here in India for the long run. The Ford-Mahindra alliance would be all about leveraging each others advantages and helping both to remain competitive.