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Ford Endeavour Rolls Over as Hyundai Santro Crashes into the SUV - Watch Video

In a bizarre footage recorded on a CCTV, a Ford Endeavour and Hyundai Santro met an accident and it’s the mammoth Endeavour that rolled over. This has led to many speculations as SUVs are considered to be a ‘safer choice’ in case one meets an accident because they are big and bulky, and carries a lot of mass. And so it is not easy for an SUV to roll over and that too after crashing with the small Hyundai Santro.

However, the science has its own ways of doing things and mere size won’t save you from rolling over if you meet with an accident. In fact the biggest drawback of SUVs in terms of safety is the high ground clearance and body height, which means the centre of gravity is relatively low as compared to a sedan or a hatchback.

The video is a CCTV footage of parking yard that shows a couple of vehicles coming and leaving like a normal day. But, in a distant it also records a Ford Endeavour coming from across the road to the parking area, which means the SUV has to take a right turn in crossing the road.

As the Ford Endeavour reaches the centre of the road, a seemingly high speed white coloured old Hyundai Santro crashes into it, an accident commonly referred to as T-Bone.

As per the laws of physics, two factors worked against the Ford Endeavour in this video – 1) The momentum of the Hyundai Santro was high due to all the speed and 2) The angle of Santro was low and it resulted in changing the Endeavour’s Centre of Gravity, hence flipping it over.

There’s significant damage to the Santro as well, which narrowly misses hitting a Maruti Suzuki Dzire pulling out of the parking road.

We can’t comment on who’s at mistake here with surety, but both the parties seem to be at fault here. It is possible that Ford driver didn’t cross check the road before taking a turn and the Santro driver was at such high speeds they the car went out of control before they could brake.