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Ford Endeavour BS6 Experience Drive Bangalore: Specs, Changes, & Off-Road Capabilities

Punith Bharadwaj

Ford launched the BS6 Endeavour a couple of weeks ago, and we were invited to experience the SUV at an obstacle course laid out in Bangalore. The course showcases the SUVs capability and strengths when it comes to off-beat driving.

Before we talk about the off-road experience, let's look at the changes made to the BS6 Endeavour. The BS6 Ford Endeavour features an all-new 2.0-liter engine under the hood that arrives mated to a new 10-speed automatic gearbox.

The engine is much smaller as compared to the older 2.2-litre and 3.2-litre engines that powered the previous-generation models. The new 2.0-liter EcoBlue BS6 diesel engine produces 168bhp and 420Nm of torque. Unlike the older model, the new BS6 Endeavour is only available with a single-engine option.

The new 10-speed automatic transmission is a welcome change as well. With more gears, Ford claims the new Endeavour has improved on fuel efficiency. The driver can also lock the gears to a certain range of numbers, and restrict the transmission to change beyond the maximum gear number set. This helps when tackling different terrain and conditions.

Ford has also re-tuned the suspension to offer a more comfortable ride on the new BS6 Endeavour. Other changes to the BS6 model include new LED headlamps and the 'Ford Pass' system for smartphone connectivity. The 'Ford Pass' system features a host of options to control the car remotely via a smartphone application. The rest of the car remains the same and other features on the older model have been carried over to the BS6 Endeavour.

Moving on to the off-road obstacle course, we stepped into the giant of an SUV, and first encountered a steep descent to showcase the car's chassis integrity. The Endeavour handled easily even with a rear-wheel up in the air.

Next was a steep incline where the SUV's rear-wheel would come off the ground and spin. At this time we switched on the SUV's electronic differential lock, after which the power was sent to the wheels that offered most contact with the terrain, and the Endeavour worked the obstacle with absolute ease.

The new suspension setup was also put through its paces with a series of obstacles. Ford has improved the ride quality on the new Endeavour, and the new suspension set up soaks up bumps easily.

Going over the next obstacle the SUV achieved a left-incline with the seat-belt helping us to stay at the driver-seat. The Endeavour achieved an impressive 26-degree incline angle at the end of this obstacle and did not even flinch considering its size.

Now it was time to see the SUV's hill descent control in action. Once the hill descent control was activated, the enormous SUV rolled down with ease like it wasn't even trying.

The next obstacle in the course would see the Endeavour looking at a 300-odd mm waterlogged track. Lets just put it this way, the Endeavour can do this all day, every day, thanks to its water wading capability that stands at 800mm.

The next course was built to test right-side lean angles, and Ford's SUV achieved 27-degrees of lean, and kept moving like it was nothing.

While we were already impressed with what this huge SUV can do, the final obstacle in-front would showcase the SUV's articulation, axel rigidity, and suspension strain. Before we entered the obstacle, we switched to the Endeavour's electronic low-range four-wheel-drive system.

With the four-low engaged, all we had to do was take our foot off the brake pedal and hold the steering straight. The technology on the Endeavour handles the rest, making the experience that much more comfortable and stress free.

We finished our experience knowing that the Ford Endeavour BS6 models are just as capable as the previous-generation models, if not more. And there's definitely no wiping off the grin we wear.

Thoughts About The Ford Endeavour BS6 Off-Road Experience Drive

Honestly, we stand in awe of the Ford Endeavour. The SUV is decidedly capable, spacious, and well built. Ford has reworked the suspension to near perfection, and that 10-speed automatic transmission makes driving a real pleasure. The new Ford Endeavour is built to magnify adventure, and it definitely gets a thumbs-up from us.

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