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Florals on repeat

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Florals on repeat

Remember that moment when a peevish Miranda Priestly - played by the versatile Meryl Streep - mouths the iconic words "Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking!" in The Devil Wears Prada? Not only does that scene bring to mind the deadpan expressions of a high-flying fashion editor, it also echoes the sentiments of fashion forward girls who are aware that florals is the first print one can associate with summer (and other seasons too). From trying micro florals to get a bohemian vibe or bold Oriental floral designs, it can now be touted as the first print that comes to mind in fashion.

While florals may seem regular for most, it can turn from basic to extremely chic depending on how it is styled. Case in point, head-to-toe florals! As you'd agree, the print-on-print trend is reserved for the sartorially experimental. Head-to-toe florals, especially, is for intrepid fashionistas. The real-life bouquet look has been a favourite for years, and it's slowly transitioned from runway art to wearable clothing. In 2002, every flower seen in the garden was blooming on the runway too, as models decked in it from top-to-toe for Mary Katrantzou, Prabal Gurung, Proeza Schouler and others.

The trend followed for years to come; Chloé and Balenciaga's collection for Spring 2017, and Gucci's Autumn/Winter 2017 looks.

Designer Erdem Moralýoðlu has favoured the print in every collection of his, and has featured headto-toe almost every time (most recently in Spring 2018). Now, in 2019, florals is normcore. Prada, Alexander Mc Queen, Dries Van Noten, Louis Vuitton, and others added florals from top to toe. While this may seem like a tricky trend to work on a day-today basis, fashion's young crowd has proved it's a feasible trend.

We've seen supermodels Gigi Hadid, Kaia Gerber and Kendall Jenner try it effortlessly. And if they can do it, we believe you can too. Thinking of giving it a shot? Here are three easy ways on how you can use your wardrobe basics to work this trend with ease.


Wondering how you can club your love for athleisure along with this floral fever? Well, we are certain it can be achieved with less (or no) effort. If you've got a pair of jogger pants and a light-weight bomber jacket that feature a similar micro print, just work these along with a basic solid-hued crop top. A pair of sneakers is all you need to complete this outfit. You can either carry a backpack to add a varsity vibe, or just opt for a sling bag and you've got a daytime look instantly.


Do you doubt that you can pull off this look during your nine-to-five hours? If you've got a welltailored pant-suit in florals, that's an easy way to try headto-toe florals. Try to go for a minimal floral print, or something that isn't too jarring. To cut the clutter of this print, add a satin camisole under your suit. A pair of pumps and a structured tote can complete your look.


A floral romper is an easy way to try this look. You can try a basic pair of Oxfords with this piece, but if you dare to experiment, we suggest you opt for a pair of floral brogues. While the prints on the shoe and romper can be different, ensure that they are similar sized, so they don't clash in entirety. An envelope clutch is what you need as a carry-all.