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Five innovations that show how awesome our future will be

There have been several innovations over the past few decades and technology has grown much faster in the past decade than in the last fifty years. The current technology will be the harbinger for the next decade’s innovations. Here are some of the inventions that will certainly change how we live in our future.

Microsoft HoloLens

Source: Microsoft

If you have seen the movie Minority Report, you would have loved the way Tom Cruise interacted with the displays in the Pre-Crime branch. It is a form of augmented reality wherein the user controls the interface using his bare hands. In an attempt to bring this to reality, Microsoft created the HoloLens, a headset much like the Virtual Reality headsets we see today but used for Augmented Reality or AR in short. So, what does it do?

Well, when you put on the headset, you will still be able to see your surroundings as they are, but with content overlaid on to it. For example, if you are an automobile designer, you would be able to view a complete to scale 3D model of the car or bike that you have designed in a CAD software and you will be able to modify the model on the fly.

Or if you are the type that loves to Netflix and chill, then you could just sit back on the couch and enjoy a full television experience in your living room without a television! The only catch would be that you will have to wear the headset the whole time. If you have more than one headset, then each headset can be configured to show the same experience that you are having so that all users can interact in the same interface.

Source: Microsoft

The headset is priced at a whopping 3000$ and is certainly not in the budget of an average consumer. Developers, designers and companies interested in the potential of this technology will buy it to create some unique experiences. If you are interested in learning more about this, check out this link. 

Self-Driving Cars

One more thing that the film Minority Report predicted way back in 2002 was the way people would commute by cars. All the cars will be driving themselves to the destinations specified while coordinating between themselves so that there are no accidents en-route. While this is a long way off for now, automobile manufacturers have made headways into the self-driving technology for quite some time now.

There are a lot of manufacturers like Ford, General Motors, Mercedes, Toyota, Nissan and Audi that ar testing their autonomous vehicles on the road now. If you wander around the Google Campus in Mountain View, you might see Google’s autonomous car running around. Even service companies like Uber and Lyft are trying to implement this form of commuting as it helps them remove the driver and human error altogether thereby cutting ancillary expenses.

NVIDIA has launched its DRIVE PX 2 platform which is an AI car computing platform which provides super computer levels of performance as it combines deep learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence to comprehend what it sees via the cameras and accordingly route the car. With all these recent developments and many more to come, the automobile industry is all set for a revolution.

AI Assistants

We got to know about AI assistants after Apple introduced Siri in 2011 with the iPhone 4S. Since then there has been stiff competition from the other technology giants like Amazon and Google in the form of Alexa and Google Assistant. From reading you the headlines in the morning to playing your favorite music while having a romantic dinner with your significant other, AI assistants are capable of learning your preferences and adapt to your needs. With advances in the field of Natural Language Processing and Neural Networks, devices like the Amazon Echo and the Google Home understand your every word with ease and make life easier at home.  The television series Mr.Robot shows the character Dominique DiPierro or Dom interacting with the Alexa just as if it were her roommate. The Oscar nominated move ‘Her’ takes this further by envisioning a romance between a man and his female AI on his mobile.

Although all these assistants act on orders given by humans, there is a future where they become sentient. This may cause them to question the directives of humans as they may not seem logical to them. This is why entrepreneurs like Elon Musk are calling for regulatory bodies to lay down the rules in order to prevent doomsday. For future entrepreneurs, this is what the billionaire Mark Cuban has to say to you- “Artificial intelligence will create the world’s first trillionaire”.

Drone Technology

Source: Amazon

Ever played the game Call of Duty Black Ops 2? There are so many futuristic concepts used of which one has already entered our tech space – Yes, it’s the inconspicuous drone.

Drones are being tested out in several spheres of life: from defense to eCommerce to films, they are everywhere. You can see popular YouTube travel vloggers like Kold utilize this to show an amazing overview of an island in Greece or their biking trip in the Andalusian hills. Amazon is beta testing drones for shipment deliveries. Governments have been using drones for surveillance over other countries for intelligence acquisition as well as missile strikes. Intel has been developing drones that are capable of obstacle detection and target following over different terrain systems. Drones could be used for personal security in homes as well in the future.

Apart from utility purposes, drones are also being used for racing competitions. These use higher velocity versions of the drone and are durable in their build quality.

Imagine drone swarms. Scary right? But they are the future.

Tesla Ecosystem

Courtesy: Tesla

By now, if you are not a fan of Elon Musk and his ideologies, well you should be. The billionaire entrepreneur envisions a future where we are only dependent on sustainable energy practices like solar energy which reduces our dependency on fossil fuels. This has a two-fold benefit. First, energy from the sun is technically free and the second is that we limit climate change by reducing the impact of fossil fuels.

In this view, Tesla has introduced the Solar Roof along with the Powerwall. The Solar Roof is what it says and provides an affordable solution to our energy needs by utilizing solar panels on the roof. The Powerwall provides the battery storage and backup for electricity.

The Tesla Model 3 that is expected to come out in the next few years will revolutionize the electric car industry and the automobile industry as a whole as it provides an affordable electric car option to the average consumer. If you are thinking that electric cars sound so bad, think again! These cars look like sports cars and hit top speeds just like one. They even have beautiful interiors along with software that is capable of autonomous driving.

Elon Musk also proposed a concept called the HyperLoop which is a form of mass commute transportation. In this mode, a pod-like vehicle is propelled through a near-vacuum tube which results in hitting speeds of 760mph and has a capacity of 840 passengers. If this were in reality, a person could travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in twelve minutes.


After seeing such innovations taking place, the future seems pretty exciting and shows a lot of potential as well.