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First-gen Mi TV 4A smart TVs to get Android 9 Pie update soon but you can get it before everyone else

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First-gen Mi TV 4A smart TVs to get Android 9 Pie update soon but you can get it before everyone else

Xiaomi is almost done with releasing the Android 9 Pie update for its first-gen Mi TV 4A smart TVs. The company is testing a beta version and is looking for some Mi TV 4A owners to participate for offering feedback.

Xiaomi is one of the names to be considered in the smart TV space in India lately. Ever since it jumped in the TV industry in 2018, Xiaomi has been selling its TVs like hot pancakes and the trick that works for the company is good specifications at affordable prices. Lately, the company even moved to the Android TV platform and that has helped its sales further. However, the only issue with the Mi TV 4 smart TV s is that none of them has been updated to the latest version of Android 9 Pie. It seems that Xiaomi has taken note and is taking a massive step towards that. And it is indeed a massive step.

Xiaomi started its journey with the Mi TV 4A lineup in 2018 and the company is updating those models to the latest version of Android TV. Xiaomi has begun an Early Access Program for these Mi TV 4A models and it is looking for 50 owners of the Mi TV 4A models to test the new Android TV firmware based on Android 9 Pie. The participants need to have either a Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32-inch or a 43-inch model. The company will let the selected participants know by July 20.

The update program is indeed a big step that Xiaomi is taking. The first-gen Mi TV 4A launched with PatchWall OS based on Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The early models didn't come with Google Play Store or any of the Google Play apps. In order to run new Android apps, users had to sideload them. When Xiaomi launched the Mi TV 4 Pro series models with Android TV OS, it promised to deliver the Android update to the older models running on PatchWall. There has been a delay but Xiaomi is going a step further and delivering the newer Android 9 Pie update to the TVs.

With the Android TV OS, the Mi TV 4A series will get access to Google Play services including the Play Store, Play Movies, the official YouTube app and native support for Chromecast. PatchWall will exist as a launcher that Xiaomi regularly keeps updating. PatchWall offers a collection of content from various OTT platforms, excluding Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The Mi TV 4A series still sells in India and you can get the cheapest model at a price of Rs 12,499 - this offers you a 32-inch HD screen.