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Fine For Riding Without Registration: Honda Activa Rider Asked To Pay Rs 1 Lakh In Fines

Stephen Neil

A brand-new Honda Activa has been handed a challan of Rs 1 lakh by the police in Odisha. In yet another instance of exorbitant fines, a fine of Rs 1 lakh was imposed on a new Honda Activa. The Honda Activa in question was being ridden by its owner without any registration, which is considered a serious offence.

The new Motor Vehicles Amendment Act was implemented across the nation earlier this month. It brought in new fine and penalties slabs that were up to four times what it was before. Authorities and police officials went into overdrive, checking vehicles and collecting fines from violators of the rules.

The record for the highest fine paid went to a Truck in Delhi with a fine amounting to Rs 1.41 lakh. This record was short lived as there was yet another truck that was given a challan of Rs 2 lakh for overloading. So, extremely high fines are not something new.

When the central government brought in the new motor vehicle rules, a few states governments opposed the fines that came along with it. Some states felt that infrastructure needed to be better before the new fines are forced upon the people and some others felt the fines were too high and would be a burden on motorists.

Odisha was one of the states that had opposed the new fines, stating that it needed time to create awareness and to allow people to get their documents in place. But it has now imposed the highest fine yet on a two-wheeler. Well, it seems this is because of the nature of the offence.

The Honda Activa in question was purchased on 28 August and was being ridden in Cuttack. Upon being checked, the police found out that the scooter was being ridden without a registration number.

The fine amount would have been within a few hundred rupees if it was just missing number plates and all other documents were in place. Turns out that the scooter did not have a registration certificate in the first place, which means it hasn't been sent for registration.

Documents like registration certificate, insurance papers and road tax certificate have to be provided to the customer at the time of delivery of vehicle. Even if the registration certificate hasn't arrived yet, vehicle has to be delivered with a temporary registration number and insurance.

In this case, the dealership had failed to do so, committing a serious offence. RTO officials in Odisha have even recommended cancellation of the dealership license.

Thoughts On Honda Activa Being Fined Rs 1 Lakh In Odisha For Riding Without Registration

The Honda Activa costs around Rs 66,000 on-road, in Bhubaneshwar. Imposing a fine of Rs 1 lakh, which is 52 percent more than the cost of the scooter itself can be termed outright ridiculous.

Now that the challan has already been given out, it remains to be seen if the dealership will be held responsible for it or the customer will have to bear the entire amount. The dealership is responsible to hand over the papers and the registration at the time of delivery. However, the customer too should be responsible and aware enough to ask for the documents.

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