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Find out what's in Sourav Ganguly's garage

Sourav Ganguly's cars

The new BCCI president, former Indian captain and one of the most loved cricketers of India, Sourav Ganguly, has come a long way in his career, from that iconic century at Lord’s to taking over Indian cricket as its boss.

However, this article is not about his numerous cricketing achievements or even about the sport; instead, we provide you with a sneak peek into what's in his garage.

Just like many of his colleagues (for instance, Sachin Tendulkar) Ganguly also likes cars though his choices are rather more subdued.

Sourav Ganguly's cars

One of his favourite cars is the cherished red Mercedes CLK 230. This is a convertible sports car from about 10 years back. The car Sourav has is the first-generation model. This red coloured car has become famous on the streets of Kolkata. This particular car is very rare in India.

Along with the CLK, Ganguly’s fleet of luxury cars includes another Mercedes SUV which is used mostly by his family. He also has a swank, white Audi SUV. The Audi SUV, a Q5, and the Mercedes that his family uses are both white in colour.

Sourav Ganguly's bikes

But Ganguly’s most-used car is the BMW 7 Series sedan — something also used by other cricketers like Virender Sehwag and, of course, the big BMW fan, Sachin Tendulkar. The 7 Series is kept in Mumbai and its the car he uses to get around there.

Besides, Ganguly also has a Ford Endeavour and some other cars too back in Kolkata. Dada's motorcycle collection is an envied one too and includes the BMW G310 GS ADV sportsbike. Tell us if you approve of Ganguly’s automobile tastes in the comments section below.