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Fer Rivero dons many hats in the field of marketing, music, arts and even dance successfully

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A multi tasker and a good one at it, he juggles his time between creating and editing music, digital marketing, choreographing, graphic designing..phew! the list goes on and on.

Spain born twenty eight year old Fer Rivero has a vast experience in the field of marketing which is spread across Spain, UK, China, Hong Kong and Portugal. He has spent seven years of his life in China and Hong Kong learning the nuances of various businesses. “My knowledge is based on what I learnt from the time spent amongst Asian culture and my studies at the Oxford University” says Rivero. To have in depth knowledge of marketing Fer completed his Diploma of Disruptive Marketing at Saiid Business School & Oxford University and then moved on to music marketing having trained in various methodologies by musicians and music marketers in China and Hong Kong. He also underwent online training sessions with American coaches to let no stones unturned in learning minute details of the craft. Tasting early success in the Asian markets he spread his wings to Portugal where he has established himself as a music artist. His expertise in digital, music marketing and graphic design has him handling a vast list of hundreds of clients.

His music career is on an all time high with him doing multiple tasks related to music like daily music training, album composing, video recording, editing, branding and social media marketing. He has catered to a number of music artists and labels including universities. Having made his presence felt in the Asian sub-continent, he founded his own company by the name ‘The Algorithm Agency’ in Hong Kong.

Today, as director of his Agency he manages his time between handling multiple artists careers on social media and simultaneously developing his own music brand ‘FerRiveroMusic’ to supervising the marketing department of an independent entity called ‘Fat Lab Sound Records’ to taking over blogs like ‘ReThinkMusicChannel’ or ‘The Hologram Blog’ which combined with social media profiles have a large audience base of more than 350k globally. His fiverr profile is all five star rated with rave reviews by artists who have worked with him.

An exceptional multi tasker who manages his work with utmost positive approach stands as a true motivation for many.

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