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Facebook has a secret tunnel called Panic Chute in conference room to help Mark Zuckerberg escape if required

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Facebook has a secret tunnel called Panic Chute in conference room to help Mark Zuckerberg escape if required

The top-secret tunnel at the Facebook headquarter called the panic chute is designed to evacuate Mark Zuckerberg in case of an attack.

Facebook, in the recent time, has been in news for a variety of issues starting right from the infamous Cambridge Analytica controversy to the company data collection practices, which in turn has raised concerns regarding the users' privacy. The string of scandals has not only made Facebook but also its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, a subject of people's ire. This has prompted the social media giant to up the security detail of its chief executive. The social media giant, in order to protect Zuckerberg has not only added more body guards to protect him and installed sophisticated security equipment but the company has also reportedly built an escape tunnel to help him escape from Facebook's office in case of an attack.

According to a report by the Business Insider, Facebook's Menlo Park office is built directly above the employee parking lot. However, it's impossible to park directly above Zuckerberg's desk owing to security risks involving car bombs.

What's more? There is a glass-walled conference room in the middle of the Facebook office near Zuckerberg's desk which has bulletproof glass windows and a panic button. Rumours inside the company indicate that this conference room has a secret tunnel that is designed to evacuate the Facebook CEO in case of an attack. As per the report, the top-secret tunnel called "panic chute" in the conference room leads to the parking garage where a vehicle, presumably a car can take him to a secure location. While some employees told the publication that they had been briefed about the existence of the secret escape route, others remained ignorant about the matter. Facebook, on the other hand, has declined to comment on the matter.

Interestingly, Apart from having bullet-proof conference hall and secret escape route, Zuckerberg also has a team of "praetorian guards" that accompany him everywhere, even in the board room. As per the report, they wear casual clothes to blend in and sit right next to Zuckerberg protect him in case an employee tries to rush in. He also gets round the clock executive protection.

Facebook spent $7.3 million in protecting Zuckerberg last year. The company is expected to spend around $10 million in Zuckerberg's security this year.