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Facebook HQ evacuated after bomb threat on campus

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Facebook HQ evacuated after bomb threat on campus

Menlo Park police confirmed that the building has been evacuated and the bomb unit found no suspicious package or device

Several buildings on Facebook's campus in Menlo Park was evacuated on Tuesday evening after a reported bomb threat. One of the buildings houses employees of both Facebook and Instagram. While the story is still developing, a Facebook spokesperson said everyone was safe after the Menlo Park Police Department evacuated a few buildings on the campus.

Menlo Park police tweeted that the bomb threat was on 200 Jefferson Drive. The tweet confirmed that the building had been evacuated and the San Mateo County bomb unit is on scene. According to the Menlo Park police, the bomb threat was called into the NYPD's Crimestopper unit, which in turn notified the authorities in California.

According to the most recent tweet by the Menlo Park police a few minutes ago, the bomb unit had conducted a full sweep of the building and found no suspicious package or device. As of now it seems the bomb threat has been resolved and everyone is safe.

It is unknown at this time how many employees were working in the buildings at the time of evacuation. We will continue to update this story as new information becomes available.