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Facebook defends use of location data as Android 10, iOS 13 tighten the location access

Facebook defends its use of location data following tightened location access norms in Android 10 and iOS 13.

The newest versions of operating systems from Google and Apple — Android 10 and iOS 13 — have tightened the location access norms. Facebook published a blog post defending its use of location data following the changes to the location settings in the iOS 13 and Android 10.

Facebook also reaffirms the users that they are in control who sees their location on Facebook. "You can control whether your device shares precise location information with Facebook via Location Services, a setting on your phone or tablet," it says in the blog post.

The blog post also mentions how the changes in the iOS 13 and Android 10 are going to affect Facebook’s access to user’s location data and users can view and manage their location. The Android 10 gives the users more visibility into and control over when apps can access their device’s precise location. Facebook says, "If you decide to update to Android 10, you ll have the option to allow inpidual apps to access your precise location, either while you re using the app or when you re not."

While the previous iOS versions have three options to share your precise location with an app– always, only when the app is in use, or never. The new iOS 13 has an additional option called allow once, which lets an app access your device s precise location information only once.

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Also, the operating system will send notifications about when an app is using the device’s precise location in the background and how many times an app has accessed that information. The said notification will also include a map of the location data an app has received along with an explanation of why the app uses that type of location information.

Facebook says that it uses location data to power its features like check-ins, events, related ads, Nearby Friends, Find Wi-Fi and more. It also says that if you choose to disable the location service, Facebook may still understand where you are "using things like check-ins, events, and information about your internet connection". The blog post says that Facebook will continue to make it easier for users to control how and when users want to share their location.