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Explained: All Easter eggs in Loki episode 2, from possible antagonist to Se7en reference

·3-min read

*This article contains several spoilers for the second episode of Loki*

The second episode of Marvel Studios' Loki has debuted on Disney+ Hotstar Premium, further entangling the time travel mystery. The first episode had charted Loki's journey into the Time Variance Authority (TVA) after his timeline deviation in Avengers: Endgame. It also saw him take on the role of a consultant for Owen Wilson's Major Mobius, who's tasked to locate a dangerous Loki variant.

In the second episode, there are many Easter eggs for Marvel Cinematic Universe aficionados. Here's a deep-dive into the second episode and the Easter eggs you may have missed.

Wisconsin, 1985

The second episode starts with a shot of a renaissance faire set in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in the year 1985. This is a reference to Marvel Comics editor/writer Mark Gruenwald, who hails from this town. She is credited to creating Flag-Smasher, Battlestar, and US Agent, characters from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Further, Slash Film reports Mobius in the comics was illustrated to resemble Gruenwald, like the signature moustache.

Hat-tip to Se7en

The scene in Loki inspired by Se7en. Twitter @15minutemarvel
The scene in Loki inspired by Se7en. Twitter @15minutemarvel

The scene in Loki inspired by Se7en. Twitter @15minutemarvel

Several publications have reported the episode's stylistic similarity to David Fincher's Se7en. However, there's a direct reference to the movie in the needle drop scene, which director Kate Herron confirmed in an interview. The scene is when Loki gets to the TVA library to access material on its formation. Here, the librarian is heard listening to is Orchestral Suite no 3 in D Major by Johann Sebastian Bach, the same music that when Detective Mills (Brad Pitt) and Detective Somerset (Morgan Freeman) researching the killer they're after in Se7en.


Sophia Di Martino as a Varient of Loki. @ashes_ana
Sophia Di Martino as a Varient of Loki. @ashes_ana

Sophia Di Martino as a Varient of Loki. @ashes_ana

The end of the second episode sees a new character, essayed by Sophia Di Martino, called "The Variant." The character is a woman dressed in Loki's attire, which indicates she is a Variant of Loki. However, the character is called Sylvie, another important figure in Marvel Comics.

In the comics, Sylvie Lushton gains magical powers after the Asgardians settle their new home in Oklahoma. She was given the power by Loki himself, because he "liked the idea of creating a mortal who suspects she's one of my kind." Sylvie eventually becomes the Asgardian villain Enchantress.

Loki Variants - Frost Giant

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Among the several variants of Loki that Agent Mobius shows his team is one with blue colour, a reference to the fact that is he is actually a Frost Giant, who had been adopted by Odin and raised as an Asgardian. Mobius even calls him a "scared little boy shivering in the cold... that ice runt," which could be a hark back to his ancestry. Furthermore, Loki's full name in the show is Loki Laufeyson and not Loki Odinson.

The Revengers

When Loki is seen going through the files about himself at TVA, it mentions the name 'The Revengers,' a name Thor coined for himself, Loki, Bruce Banner and Valkyrie when they escaped Sakaar and defeat Hela. The name has mostly been used earlier as a fun spin on Avengers, but Loki has used it as a proper code.

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