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Experience Botswana: Africa’s Best Safari Country of 2019

Swapna Raghu Sanand
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Wondering where is the best safari in Africa? Good news for safari lovers! Botswana has once again been ranked the best country for safaris for 2019. Analysing over four thousand reviews of safaris across the African continent, this ranking by has strengthened Botswana as the best safari destination for the second year in a row. Given the natural splendour of the Kalahari desert, the black-maned lions and elephants, the winding waterways and scenic landscapes, it is clear why Botswana reclaimed its position a second time as the continent’s best safari country. Notably, Botswana has the largest cheetah populations in the world and it is also a bird watcher’s paradise. For travellers worldwide, the Kalahari desert and the Okavango Delta are dream-come-true destinations to explore in Botswana. What can possibly be more magnificent than watching herds of hundreds or more elephants cross the Chobe river to reach grazing areas during the dry season?

Which African countries have safaris?

However, other African countries that came close in ranks include Tanzania, which had been the 2013 winner of ‘Best Safari Country’ award. According to SafariBookings rankings this year, Tanzania is the best African country for its scenic value.

Taking its place as third as a top Safari destination in the African continent, Zambia has risen in its popularity, as per the latest rankings.

Best African Safaris 2019: Add Zambia to your travel list!

With its magnificent national parks and diverse birds and wildlife, Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park is one of its most spectacular safari destinations. Known as one of Africa’s largest, the Kafue National Park is a must-visit safari spot for its lion and leopard population. Conveniently located, the national park is also closest to the capital city of Lusaka.

Another best-kept secret is Zambia’s Liuwa Plain National Park, where travellers can savour the diverse birdlife. wild plains dotted with antelopes and breathtaking glimpses of wildlife.

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In case travellers are heading out to explore the Zambezi, don’t miss out on the Lower Zambezi National Park located in Zimbabwe, which is famous for its adventure-filled activities that can send your heartbeat racing, as elephants and buffalos cross the river while you go on an exciting canoeing activity!

With Botswana taking the crown as Africa’s no 1 Safari paradise, it’ s time to get packing and put on your adventure hats to explore the great African country’s wild side!