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Exclusive! Porsche to launch its compact SUV this month

Porsche Macan

Porsche India is changing gears, from being a niche sports car-driven manufacturer to a full fledged big player in the hotly-contested Indian luxury car segment. Porsche launched the Cayenne last year, but the big sign of its changing approach towards the Indian car market is the launch of the new Macan.

The Macan is an entry-level product and is a compact luxury SUV within the Porsche range. We hear the car-maker will launch this new SUV at an attractive price. Porsche has always been known for pricing its products at a premium but this time it has aggressively chalked out the Macan as the entry level car to bring volumes. Expect the pricing to be below the Rs 70-lakh mark.

Porsche Macan

The new Macan SUV sports subtle styling changes, including a new LED headlamp set-up and new colour and wheel options. Inside, the features list has been upgraded to have a massive 10.9 inch HD touchscreen and other small tweaks.

In terms of engines, the new Macan is now petrol-only, thus it will have a 2.0 unit and a more powerful 3.0 six cylinder unit. The 2.0 Macan would be the sweet spot in terms of price and positioning. With keen pricing, the new Macan aims to grab a bigger share of the SUV segment in India.