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Eqpme takes on pandemic allowing businesses to book & rent equipment online without a traditional rental desk

·3-min read

First time I heard about Eqpme, I was amazed at how ingenious the idea sounded and how boldly and creatively it was implemented. Think about it; one spot, 50+ million equipment, millions of vendors renters. Launched in 2020, Eqpme had a simple mandate- to make it easier for people to deal with the impact of the pandemic by giving businesses an opportunity to rent out underutilised equipment without the risk of using a physical space.

With the world going through a second wave of the pandemic, humans are yet to fully count the losses that COVID-19 brought with it. In human loss of life, jobs, livelihoods, and economic losses, it would take several years to recover. But firms like Eqpme are doing a lot to cushion the effect and help businesses stay afloat in some way. It is not a vaccine, neither is it some antibody, but while we await for all that, businesses need to survive. This time, it is in equipment rentals.

Are you having a hard time deciding how to keep your equipment running with restrictions on hand? Have you had to cut down on production and require less machinery? Have you certainly packed up your equipment waiting for the pandemic to go away first? What if I told you there is way to go about it? What if I said you can now put your underutilised equipment on rent (and you don’t even need a traditional rental desk)? What if Eqpme has got you covered?

If you’re also a business owner and you’re looking for a seamless way to rent equipment in this period of a pandemic, this is the way to go. Eqpme is truly taking on the pandemic with smart solutions to equipment rental. You can now book and rent equipment all in the comfort of your home or office using their all-in-one digital platform. It is a digital marketplace where you can meet equipment owners, see their fleet, pick what you want and get on with your business. No hassle, no delays.

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to find what you’re looking for…

The first step is to visit the website and do a simple search for the exact kind of equipment you need. More often than not, several results will pop up. By selecting a particular one or set, you initiate a transaction with the owner.

Connecting with the owner is the next step. These owners will provide you with several other details you may need, as well as decide how and where you want it delivered. Here, you can also talk about capacity, method of pickup (if that’s what is decided), and other salient details regarding the equipment and the hiring process.

Once you have sorted out agreements, go ahead and Book a date for the equipment. Ensure you maintain communication with the owner throughout this process. Booking the equipment on Eqpme is one of the most crucial stages. You’d likely find your equipment at the agreed location of delivery when you want them.

Get to work. Once delivered, you can put your rented equipment to good use and get some work done. Find a list of some of their major equipment here.

The process is seamless and very convenient. This is certainly a win-win situation as owners can rent equipment at prices below the market price. This ensures more patronage and, overtime, more income. Another advantage of using Eqpme is the fact that local searches can find equipment closest to them. This Local connectivity is a big selling point for the platform. With no commitments required and credible and responsive customer support, Eqpme is changing the narrative of equipment rentals in Canada and the world.

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