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Entrepreneurs Create A Viral Podcast That Is Teaching Aspiring Entrepreneurs How to Be Successful

Brand Voice
·5-min read

Have you ever wondered how to build a business from scratch? Two entrepreneurs are taking it upon themselves to teach you how. Prinston Hicks and Country Cowboyy (Darrell Edmond Jr) bring witty humor, deep insights, and eye-opening revelations that will have you lock in every single week to see how you can become a better entrepreneur.

The podcast covers a wide range of topics spanning from how to build six-figure sales funnels all the way to the law of attraction. The show pulls no punches and is raw and unapologetic in its delivery. This makes the show relatable to audiences that typically would not tune in otherwise. Not only is the show entertaining but it gives some real insights on how you can become successful.

There are a lot of stories amidst the pandemic, but this podcast is truly helping people cope in these difficult times. Prinston Hicks and Country Cowboyy (Darrell Edmond Jr) teach their audience all the secrets they use to go from their mother’s houses to making a profitable business even during the pandemic. Their success has allowed them to move to penthouses downtown which is where the show gets its name.

With the Pandemic looming over everyone’s head there has been a drastic spike in content consumption online. According to streaming content online rose by over 1 billion hours. This was a prime time to relaunch their podcast and start teaching the secrets that led them to becoming two of the largest influencers in their city.

But to understand why they are teaching this information you must learn more about where these two entrepreneurs started. They both came from humble beginnings and feel a sense of duty to help other people realize that they can be successful no matter their race, background, social status, or current financial situation.

Prinston Hicks started his company The Centiverse in 2015 with one vision, help people create a future where they are in control. The Centiverse is a creative group that helps small businesses grow fast using innovative digital marketing, highly engaging content, and clever branding strategies to stand-out from competitors. Unlike other agencies they will only work with companies that are a fit with their core values. They also have created courses that teach you How to Build a Business in 30 Days and the 17 Immutable laws of Influence which will transform you into an influencer.

Prinston was broke with a bank account overdrawn by -$107.85 and could not even afford a haircut. While sleeping on his mother’s floor he built his company to its first six-figures using nothing but strategies he taught himself and learned after reading over 1000 books on business and entrepreneurship. After years of trial and error he figured out how to make businesses scale and started the Massive Action Movement which aims to teach other people how they can start from nothing and build a successful business too.

Country Cowboyy is an influencer and is often seen partying and dating some of the biggest names in his industry. Country Cowboyy host the biggest clubs in Houston and has been partner with huge brands to sell and promote their products. He has over 70,000 followers on Instagram and consults with other influencers to teach them how they can grow their following fast online.

The Duo met in 2016 and there has been no looking back. They have created programs and courses and built a top Digital Marketing Agency in the city of Houston. They have spoken at the AMA (American Marketing Association) about their proprietary strategies on how to create and spot influencers and coach clients on how to scale their businesses quickly. They have generated millions of dollars advertising for companies and brands and seek to teach all they have learned to the world.

When the two became fed up with the traditional models of success they decided to create a podcast that would teach the secrets that only the most successful people know. New episodes of their podcast air every Thursday at 7:00 PM CST on their YouTube channel (Mama’s House to Penthouse) and across all podcast platforms which is where much of their audience can be found.

It’s easy to believe success is measured in skills and knowledge, but the lesson that these two entrepreneurs leave with their audience is that success isn’t just about the skills you acquire, the people you know or things you have. It’s something more! It’s a mindset that creates success. Since the beginning of the century authors like Napoleon Hill, James Allen, Orison Sweet Marden, and Earl Nightingale have been telling the world that our thoughts shape our reality. These teachings have had a profound impact on many people whether you believe it or not. Now these two ambitious entrepreneurs are bringing the same type of teaching to a new generation and demographic.

Sometimes it takes someone from a background like you for a message to hit home, and this is a message that many people can benefit from hearing. Their goal is to help people create a future where they are in control and contribute to a greater more prosperous society. What could be better than that?

So, if you are looking for a way to build a successful life, then check out their podcast by searching Mama’s House to Penthouse on YouTube or any podcast platform and maybe you can go from your mama’s house to a penthouse.

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