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Enjoy luxurious rides on Kalka-Shimla rail section! Indian Railways introduces new seat-wise charter service

Devanjana Nag

Indian Railways’ Kalka-Shimla rail: In a bid to boost tourism on the UNESCO World Heritage Kalka-Shimla rail section, Indian Railways’ Northern Railway zone has introduced chartering of the individual seat in Jharoka, RA-100 self-propelled train coach and Rail Motor Car during summer season from 13 June 2019 to 10 September 2019. From now onwards, passengers will be able to book tickets in these coaches and trains on chartered seat basis. Currently, the facility of booking of Jharoka, RA-100 self-propelled coach as well as Rail Motor Car is available on a full charter basis. Those who are interested can book tickets on chartered seat basis from booking counters at Kalka and Shimla railway stations.

According to a press release issued by Indian Railways, in RA-100 self-propelled coach and Jharoka coach, at most eight passengers can book their tickets. While in Rail Motor Car 12 to 14 passengers can book their tickets. All these services will be operated on a demand basis. Therefore, the services will be available when at least six passengers have booked tickets for RA-100 and Jharoka. In case of Rail Motor Car, only after eight passengers have purchased the ticket, the service is made available within two hours. However, the tickets once purchased cannot be refunded. However, in case of RA-100, Jharoka, if at least six passengers and in case of Rail Motor Car, eight passengers are not available, then railway cannot provide the service and the full fare shall be refunded from ticket counters at Kalka and Shimla railway stations.

Kalka-Shimla rail charter services: Fares and timings

As per the fare structure, total fare of Rs 2,200 is charged for an individual seat in RA-100 and Rs 1,600 is charged for RMC. While a total sum of Rs 3,500 per passenger is charged for Jharokha. As per the timings, for RA-100 and RMC, no services will be available after 1:00 PM from Shimla and Kalka railway stations and en route, it will halt at Barog. The Jharokha service will be available at 8:15 AM with UP Mix passenger train and 8:15 AM with DN Mix passenger and will halt at all stoppages as per UP and DN Mix passenger train, the press release stated.

The railway tickets purchased by passengers for these services are not transferable. At the time of booking, passengers will have to provide original ID proof, a copy of which will be submitted at the time of booking. If the passenger fails to provide the same during the journey, he/she will be treated as without ticket and will be charged as per the rules. In case of advance booking, passengers will be confirmed one day in advance and these services will only run subject to the availability of stock. In case, say for example on a particular date, Jharokha is booked in advance so on that date due to non-availability, the service shall not be available on seat displacement basis. As per the child policy, a child above five years of age would be treated as an adult fare. While a child below five years would be able to travel free of cost but no seat would be given.