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Elon Musk calls Amazon founder Jeff Bezos a copycat

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Elon Musk calls Amazon founder Jeff Bezos a copycat

Amazon has named its ambitious project to launch a network of 3,236 satellites in Earth's lower earth orbit Project Kuiper.

It's war time folks! Fighting on the opposing ends this time are two tech tycoons have have taken it upon themselves to revolutionise space travel. On one end is Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, who is notoriously famous for his tweets. On the other end is Amazon and Blue Origins founder Jeff Bezos, who happens to be the richest man on Earth. And the first attack has been launched by Musk, who has shared a special message for Bezos on Twitter.

The SpaceX founder has waged a war of words against Bezos by calling him a "copycat" on the microblogging platform. Musk was responding to an article shared by MIT Technology Review on Blue Origin's plan of launching a satellite network in space. In his message Musk denoted Jeff Bezos as copycat with copy and a cat emoji. His tweet is going viral on Twitter and is garnering more retweets and likes by the minute.

For those of you who remain unaware of what this brawl is all about, lemme educate you on the details. Amazon is planning to deploy a total of 3,236 satellites in Earth's lower earth orbit (LEO) in an ambitious project to provide broadband access around the globe. Amazon's Project Kuiper aims to provide internet access to the unserved and underserved communities around the world.

This is some what similar to SpaceX's plans of providing broadband access around the globe. The company plans to deploy a set of 4,425 small satellites in LEO between 1,100 kilometers and 1,325 kilometers as a part of its Starlink project to achieve the feat.

Hence copycat!

Bezos so far hasn't reponded to Musk's tweet. So it should be interesting to see what he has to say about the SpaceX founder's copycat jibe. So sit tight till that happens.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that the two tech titans have exchanged interesting comments on Twitter. Last year, Bezos wished luck to SpaceX for its Falcon Heavy launch. Musk responded to his tweet with a thanks and a blowing a kiss emoji - cute! To which Bezos responded with rocket emojis.