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Ekster 3.0 Smart Wallet: Voice-Activated Solar-Powered Smart Wallet For Millennials

Rohit Arora

It is the 21st century and everything around us is getting a smart upgrade. From home automation to smart cars to smart fabrics, engineers are putting sensors in everything that caters to human's day-to-day requirements. What else could be left? How about the wallet in your pocket? Wallets are one-of-the our most prized possessions that stores highly valuable items. Sadly, wallets are also among the items we lose the most. Things might change with Ekster Smart Wallets.

Founded in 2015, Ekster is an organization working to develop smart wallets. Based out of Amsterdam, the brand has raised over $1,000,000 in the company's recent crowd-funding campaign for their new product- Ekster 3.0. Launched under the company's third-generation product line. Ekster 3.0 is touted as the world's first voice-activated smart wallet.

Interestingly, the smart wallet is compatible with both Alexa and Google Home and also offers worldwide traceability and RFID protection. The brand shared a unit with us to test its smart features and how it serves as a regular wallet. Let's find out more about the smart features of Ekster 3.0 smart wallet. Before that, let's check out the design and functionality of the beautifully crafted Ekster 3.0.

Premium Material, Extremely Slim Profile

Ekster 3.0 is quite sleek and is made out of premium quality leather. The wallet feels extremely thin in the pocket even while carrying 5 to 6 cards, Chipolo tracker-card and some cash. The wallet measures 4.2-inch x 2.4-inch x 0.3-inch (L X W X D) and feels extremely durable. It can easily last two-three years. There's a cash strap placed inside the wallet's bi-fold that allows you to place cash notes safely. The smart wallet is available in 7 different leather finishes and all look pretty good.

Fluid Card Draw With A Trigger

Ekster 3.0 can hold a total of more than 10 cards but you can store up to 6 for comfortable access. The card slider mechanism is quite fluid and all stored cards can come out simply in stacked format by clicking the trigger. I really liked the fact that you can eject the cards out immediately without even opening the Ekster Wallet. The company has applied a secret inner coating for a fluid mechanism design, which ejects the cards out in a jiffy. It's the quick draw mechanism that makes Ekster 3.0 super fun to use and carry your cards.

It is worth mentioning that Ekster 3.0 is not an ideal wallet to store coins. You can carry 6 to 7 cards, the tracker-card and some cash along with business cards. If you like to carry coins, lots of cash, bills and papers, this is not an ideal wallet for you. Ekster 3.0 Smart Wallet is for users who only prefer to carry essentials and keep their wallet free of clutter.

What Happens When You Lose Your Wallet And Are Not In The Bluetooth Range?

This is where Chipolo's worldwide crowd GPS tracker network comes into play. The network spans across the globe and makes it possible to locate the tracker card even when it's out of Bluetooth range. You will receive a GPS update of the card's location once a user of the same technology is within range of the lost item. By technology, we mean the TrackR app installed on other user's devices. Moreover, the QR code on the Chipolo tracker-card can be scanned by any smartphone to send a message to its owner if the wallet is lost. Isn't it smart? The company has also added a fun feature. You can also use the tracker as a selfie remote to take pictures.

First Voice-activated Smart Wallet

Ekster 3.0 is also a voice-activated smart wallet, once again thanks to Chipolo tracker card. The card is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Connecting the Ekster 3.0 with Amazon Alexa is quite simple, but for linking it with Google Assistant, you have to follow a thorough procedure on the Google Assistant Action store. You can follow the instructions on Ekster's official website. Once you have linked the Ekster 3.0 wallet with your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa enabled device by enabling Chipolo, you can locate your wallet by using your smart speaker via voice commands. You can also use voice command on your phone to make your wallet ring. It can also tell you where it was last seen on a map.

Also Supports RFID Blocking

The RFID blocking feature built right into the Ekster 3.0 comes quite handy if you are still using credit and debit cards with RFID and NFC technology embedded in them. As these cards can be activated for a transaction and can even be duplicated from a distance, your money and critical bank information is at big risk. Ekster 3.0 smart wallet blocks out all signals that can cause any data theft. The smart wallet safeguards the cards with the help of its aluminium cardholder casing.

First Solar-Charged Smart Wallet

The smart feature list does not end here. Ekster 3.0 is also the first solar-charged smart wallet in the market. The Chipolo tracker card is backed by Ekster's patented solar-charging solution that does not require direct sunlight to charge. Three hours of charge time allows the tracker to last two months with full worldwide tracking functionality. The solar technology engineered by Ekster is also being used by major global shipping companies like FedEx to track their containers

Pricing and Availability

Ekster 3.0 can be purchased at Rs. 1,995 ( USD) in the Early-bird pricing. Once the early-bird pricing ends, the wallet will retail at Rs. 5,434 ( USD) for just wallet and extra for the Chipolo tracker-card. If you already have a premium wallet, you can purchase the tracker-card and make your standard wallet a smart wallet.


Ekster 3.0 is indeed a smart wallet with so many useful features built into such a compact and premium form-factor. While most of the smart features are backed by Chipolo tracker-card, the wallet itself is no less than a smart accessory that safeguards your essentials in the day-to-day routine. It's voice-activated, supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa enabled devices and can be tracked worldwide via Chipolo's widespread network community. Moreover, as the wallet is powered by Ekster's patented solar-powered tracking solution, one full charge can last up to 2 months. All these features make Ekster 3.0 a much-needed accessory for millennials.

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