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Dussehra 2019: As rains play spoilsport, organisers order raincoats for Ravan effigies in Indore, Bhopal

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Sporadic rains in parts of Madhya Pradesh have dampened the festive mood of the public on the occasion of Dussehra. In Indore, several Dussehra committees have ordered raincoats to cover effigies of demon king Ravan, Meghnath and Kumbhkaran.

The effigies will be seat ablaze on the occasion of Dussehra today evening to mark the victory of good over evil. The organisers, however, said that they are finding it difficult to save effigies from getting wet and have covered them with waterproof material. Many of them have covered the effigies using raincoats.

As rains play spoilsport, the city saw a sudden spurt in demand for raincoats and waterproof materials.

The main event in Indore will be held at the Dussehra Maidan and the effigy here has been covered in tarpaulin. One of the organisers, Kishore Meena of the Chhaoni Area Social Organisation, said the 51-foot tall effigy they have installed is waterproof, and special flammable materials inside would ensure pyrotechnics even in rains.

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In Bhopal, an effigy of Ravan has been covered using a plastic foil to protect it from rain. Rajesh Vyas, president of Bittan Market Dussehra Utsav Samiti said that effigies of Ravan, Meghnad and Kumbhakarna have been laminated with thin plastic foil.

"This was planned as a message against the use of plastic but it has become useful the other way now, saving the effigies from rain damage," he said.